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Ultimate CPA Online/Offline Method – Your Road To $10.000


1. Picking Out the Right Offer
2. How To Do the Tehnical Stuff
3. Promoting the Website
4. Twist and Tweak
5. Conclusion


You finally found a guide to start making money out of CPA immediately! I know you can not wait anymore to read this and set up your campaign, or maybe a few of them, but let me just give you a brief introduction about this guide.

I suppose that you are either a beginner or you have already discovered the power of CPA and know how much money you can make potentionally about the outsourced campaign I had just set up, I was like „nah this wouldnt work as I thought“. So the next day I logged into my CPA account and simply couldnt believe my eyes, 453$ in less than 12 hours. A simple process which took me 1 hour each time made me 453$ over night!

Do not worry, I’m about to tell you the exact steps the exact method that made me more than 8500$ in 5 months as well as my own case study so you can see how easy it is to implement and suprisingly how much money you can potentionally make. However, this method is completely scalable! Set more campaigns and make more money, it’s that simple.

This guide includes 3 parts. First, I will tell you how to pick a converting CPA offer. This part is very important since it could easily double (triple) your earnings. In the second section, I will tell you how to set up the technical side of the campaign in details.

The third part is about outsourcing the boring stuff! In this part I will tell you how to find people and how to approach them to have them do the boring stuffs for you. Actually you can do the boring part yourself but I would never do. I hate doing boring tasks that’s why I outsource them.

You can find your own service providers to outsource but remember that you may have hard time searching for the people that won’t scam you! Probably you need to test 5-6 persons by paying them the money to find your golden employee!

Finally, just wait and see your results. This is probably the best part of the plan since you will see the money flowing into your CPA account in less than 12 hours.

1 – Picking Out the Right Offer
This is part is an important part since you are going to base your campaign on it. If you do not do this part properly you will be missing the big money that is waiting for you. Number of conversions really depends on your selection so never skip this part. We are going to find an offer that can be easily converted. There are 3 points that should be considered when you are choosing the offer.

1. The visitor should be able to complete the offer in minimum
possible time. If the offer takes too much time to be completed then
the visitor may not submit it. The time of submitting should be
preferably less than 2 minutes! You may want to pick „Email/Zip
Submit“ offers since they have only one field to be entered.

2. The offer’s landing page should be able to engage the visitor and be
attractive enough to actually make them complete the offer. This is a
must! For example iPhone landing pages looks awesome, that should
be your main goal to have.

3. If the offer is related to an event you will likely get more
conversions. Just think what event is around the corner! Take the
opportunity to make more money! It can however be a new device
which is yet to come out, there are offers that promotes „Beta“ of
softwares, games. That’s how to get easy conversions as well.
I’d like to repeat; do not skip this part since this may lead to fewer
conversions that your campaign potentially has. Take your time and do the
research by considering above points and then decide which offer to choose.

How I Did This Part

As I said, Id like to give you details of my first campaign I ran using this strategy, so this is the exact way I picked my own offer. I have account with one of the best CPA networks named AdWork Media. So I took the offer from AdWork Media since they pay by PayPal which I prefered, however they payout via check/ Payza/ Western Union etc.

I logged in to my CPA account and started looking around while I had the mentioned criteria in mind. Since I needed an offer that can be converted easily I narrowed down my research to email/zip submit offers. These types of offers have usually $1-$2 payouts. I came across with many offers mostly iPad, iPod, iPhone, Macbook Air and etc. There were about 40 offers of mentioned type available!

How to Filter offers by US and Email Submit, click on „Campaigns“, „All Campaigns“, „Email Submit“, then filter it to Email Submit. Here’s an image to help you through.


First, simply skipped those ones that would not convert easily. This is how I made my decision on each offer: I opened each offer and took a look at the landing page. I just thought if I were a visitor would I enter my email address or close the window?! This way I got rid of half of the offers.

The last step was to take an offer amongst roughly 20 offers! Well it was not that much difficult since I am sure I would have had the same results with at least 10 of them. In other words, at least 10 of them were good enough for this strategy so do not worry if you do not know which one to pick! It doesnt matter as long as you have an idea in your

If you are sure that there are people out there that will enter their emails/zips for an offer then you have the winner! Remember that I said if you can find an offer that is related to a
social/political/economical/commercial event which is around the corner then you can simply triple your earnings!

Well, I was lucky to have one of those offers! By the time I was setting up the campaign the newest MacBook was coming out in a week and guess what? The teenagers( mostly from high school ) were dying to have one but couldnt afford it! I found an offer containing a large picture of MacBook and asking the visitor to submit his/her email address and receive the chance of getting a free MacBook in return.

The offer’s landing page is shown in figure below :


As you can see the offer mentions the free MacBook aka reward to who submits email address. Just imagine as if you are a teenager boy/girl who loves Apple products and comes across this lander and the MacBook is being released next week. Wouldn’t you go ahead and submit your email address immediately to get your free MacBook! I bet you would! I cannot stress enough how much it is important to pick the right offer since many of offers you see do not have the potential to give you huge money!

This is the second campaign I used as well.


About 25% of the offers that your network has can become an absolute winner. You need to just imagine yourself as a visitor and see what you would do!

2 – How To Do the Tehnical Stuff
Do not be afraid since you do not have to know anything! The stuff that I am going to tell you here is absolutely easy and do-able even if you are a 2 years old kid! But seriously, it needs no technical knowledge whatsoever. I will tell you exactly what I did! Well, you need to buy a domain name. It does not really matter what is your domain name but to make the visitor trust in your offers you need to remove that ugly looking affiliate link from the address bar. Because when a visitor goes to your offer landing page he/she may think of a fake page since the address bar shows a long awkward URL like this:


What you want to do is to buy a domain( or you can see a free one as well but I dont recommend it) and iFrame your affiliate link inside the homepage of the domain.
So when someone types your domain in the address bar and hits „Enter“ offer will be shown and the visitor sees your domain at the top of the page! The benefit of the iFraming an offer is that the visi tor will think that the offer is legit since they will see the offer inside of your website immediately, no need to skip/press anything!

In this part you need to write some lines HTML codes that I am going to give you. So you only need to copy and paste the code from the folder in which this eBook is and replace my affiliate link with yours. Then you have to upload the HTML file to your hosting account and you are done!

How I did this part!

As I said before, I was in rush to implement the method to see what would be the results so I did not put much attention in the domain I bought. I rapidly went to Namecheap.com and bought my domain name which I eventually hosted for free at Webhost.

As you can see I only spent $2 to buy this domain since it is a .info domain. I was trying to find out if the method works so I decided to just buy a cheap domain name. I recommend using a .com domain since it looks more professional however for a start a .info is fine as well . Remember that the domain you are going to buy should be related to your offer to make more sense to the visitor since we are going to promote this domain so it is very important to have a related domain, for instance if you promote MacBook you should name a domain macbook-for-free.info or any other that’s similar to it.

Let’s get back to my story! Well, after buying my domain I went ahead and wrote 10 lines of HTML code.

<title>My Title</title>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”INSERT YOUR NICHE”>
<body style=”margin:0px; “scroll=”no”>
<iframe src=”YOUR AFFILIATE LINK” style=”border:0px;width:100%;height:100%;”>

Now you are done! Just open a web browser and type your domain name at the address bar, however if you’re not from US, make sure to send me an email or PM, I’ll tell whether your site works and send you screenshot as well! You should be seeing the offer without that ugly affiliate link at the top! Next step is to promote the offer.

3 – Promoting the Website
It is said that when you have traffic on your website, you can make money. I am about to tell you that how you can have extremely cheap laser-targeted traffic with no effort! Actually I have done the hard work for you and you can sit back and do exactly what I did.

The promoting method is offline. It means that we are going to notify people that we have a website running the exact offer that they are looking for. To do so we are going to hand out some flyers to the people and want them to complete the offer if they are interested. We should think where to find people that we are going to give the flyers to. The point is that they should be interested in your offer.

For example, if your offer is about a free iPad. Then you may want to approach college students. In other words, the flyers have to be distributed in a university campus. If you want to distribute a car insurance zip submits, that means you should hand it out near the parking lot or popular insurance houses.

If you’re handing out movie tickets, it should be done near the cinema, I’m sure you got the point.
Wait, wait, wait …

You are not going to distribute the flyers! Even you are not going to design the flyers! Remember, I you that you dont have to do anything!


We are going to have someone else to the job for us! Actually you can do the job yourself if you live in a popular cities around the America, that would cut your expenses, but as I said before I am too lazy to do it! Also, you wont do it yourself if I tell you how much I spent to have someone else do the jobs for me! I only spent 10 bucks! For designing the flyers, printing them out and distributing! Though you have designed flyers if you like you can use them, simply change the domain and remove copyright in Paint.

Remember, you are going to do a business! You know what businessmen/women do? They have other people work for them! They do not do anything! They just think and make money! So you have to learn how to run your business! You can do the boring parts yourself but I never do! Because my time is worth more than money! I prefer to handle my other jobs rather than saving that $10! As I told you in the introduction section when I paid that 10 bucks I got back to enjoying my life. I am sure I easily made $60-$70 from that campaign on the same day and the next 200$ on my 2nd day.So, it is up to you, but I’d outsource the hard work! Come on, it’s only 10 dollars!! Just give me more minutes to tell you how I outsourced.

I found my person on Fiverr!
What?! What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a micro-job sites where you can hire someone to do your job for 5 bucks! Yes, any job for 5 bucks. Many people earn money using Fiverr by simply promoting their skills, but we are going to use those skills to make money! Just go the Fiverr and create an account if do not have one. There are plenty of jobs (called Gigs) doing lots of things!

We are not going to promote our service, we are going to order some gigs to have people do the boring jobs for us!

Now I suppose that you have a Fiverr account. Go ahead and sign in to your account and then just navigate through the website to see what a treasure it is! I really mean it. Okay, back to the subject!

We are going to have someone to design a flyer of the CPA offer we picked previously. To do so, we use the search bar at top right and search term „Flyer Design“.

After we get the results we want to filter them by popularity. It means that the providers who have received better reviews will show up first! To do so, just click on „Popularity“.

As per my own experience it is not always good to hire best providers since they have probably lots of clients per day so we want to go ahead and find someone else that just started making money on Fiverr but has good samples of job.

Usually these types of providers deliver quality since they want to gain reputation! So basically they over-deliver! That’s what we need; great quality with cheap price! After you find some designers you have to send them a message and test them to see which one fits you. You dont have to do this if you’re satisfied with the flyers I supplied, if not you can send the designers this message and get your own flyers designed, I showed you a way to cut your expenses.

This is how I approached him.

„Hi there,
I need a flyer for one of my websites and I was wondering if you can help me by designing it.
This is my website: INSERT YOUR WEBSITE HERE.
This website gives YOUR NICHE HERE(e.g iPhone 5) randomly to who submits his email
address. I am planning to advertise my website to high school students and I want make sure that they submit their email address.
Please take a look at the website and design a flyer that makes people go to the website and do the task. Since I am willing to promote many other websites I am thinking of having longterm business with you.
~ Your Name”

I have the flyer, now what?

Now the only thing you need to do is to distribute the flyers to the targetedpeople. Remember when I was talking about how I chose the MacBook offer I mentioned that the targeted people could be teenagers/colleges etc. You need to know how and where you can find your target. The target people of MacBook offer are mostly teenagers and college students! So I thought that it would be great if I can distribute the flyer to the people at high schools/colleges etc!

These two places are where my targeted people can be found! Now it is your turn to find out where you can find your targeted traffic for your offer. For example, if you are running a iPhone email submit offer then college students are the best target in my opinion. Actually, most of the times a college would be a good place to promote Email Submit offers. If you are promoting a grocery email submit offer then the grocery stores are the best places!

So before taking the next action just think of where you can find the people that are interested in your offer. After studying your target the next step is to hand out the flyers!

But don’t worry because you are not the one who is going to do that boring distributing job we are going to outsource this part as well!

Where? Are you kidding me!

Fiverr! Yes, Fiverr!

Where else you can find people that do the job for only 5 bucks? To do so, simply go to the Fiverr and search „flyer distribute“ or something like that. You will come up with lots of related Gigs. Most of them even print out flyers besides distributing! The amazing part is that they do all of them for only $5! It really depends on the offer you are promoting since each service provider on Fiverr can only distribute the flyer in a specific city or even specific place. For example, you dont want to have a person who lives in UK distribute the flyer of the offer which is only available in US!

Another example is that if you are promoting a grocery email submit offer there is no market for that offer in a high school! So choose the Gig that fits your offer and the people that you are trying to target. So, your task is to go to Fiver and find a person who hands out the flyers to the target people! Keep in mind to first send the distributer a message exactly explaining what you are looking for then order the Gig. You want to make sure that he/she does exactly the same thing that you have in mind.As I said before, you can do the distributing job yourself( you should do this to test whether it attracts people or not if you live in US ) but I never do since the time is worth more than just 5 bucks! I can run another similar campaign instead of wasting my time by doing the boring jobs! Just my 2 cents!


You are done! Just sit back and wait to see the results. If you have done all the steps properly then 100% you are going to make money since this method works and is not saturated yet nor will be in a long term! But in case, if you dont see the results that your were expecting then just go back and review all the steps and find the part that you missed and redo the procedure again. I am sure that you will make money at your first try but
chances are that you missed a point in any part of the process!

4 – Twist and Tweak
Well the first tip to make more money using the presented method is to pick an offer with higher payouts.

Beware that if the payout is high obviously the offers form takes more time to be submitted! Maybe people do not like to spend their time filling out such a form! But if the traffic is laser targeted and the landing page is attractive enough then you will make way more money. Another tip is to talk to you affiliate manager to boost the offers payout for you, however that’s not needed if you’re just starting out. Simply ask him/her by sending an email or on AIM to bump up the payout for you!

Another tweak is about making a deal with your distributor. After you have found your golden distributer just approach him/her with an idea. Tell the distributer that you are making money with the traffic and want to share your earnings with him/her. So you will pay the distributer a percentage of your profit if he/she can do it consistently!

This way you need to tell him/her that you are only able to pay the share when you withdraw the money from your account. That’s how easy it is and most people will actually agree on it, bear in mind he’ll have to go off fiverr since he will be your worker!

  5 – Conclusion
Let’s have a review of this guide’s material by itemizing the steps.

1. Sign Up to AdWork Media and go to your CPA account and pick an offer based on the mentioned criteria in step 1.

2. Buy a related domain name and set up the website by iFraming the offer’s link.

3. Go to Fiverr and find a person to design your flyer ( or you can see any from the examples I gave you ) and another person to distribute it. Make sure that you first think about the target before ordering the Gig.

4. Do some tweaks to optimize your campaign and even make more money! Also dont forget to introduce them to the „twist“ part and make them be your Golden workers!

I hope that you make as much money as you desire. You can simply hit $500 per day if you practice the method and even find you own source of traffic. Offline marketing of CPA offers is a profitable source so try to test every offline strategy that promotes your offer to the targeted people. It takes time, if you rush in, you will NOT make money.

Thanks for reading the guide
Enjoy and thanks.

PS : If you somehow dont feel the fiverr thing would work, since people are skeptical very often, this same tehnique can be used anywhere you want, just change the promotion to whatever you feel is right but I’ll always suggest mine and the Golden worker thing, if I could find 4 of them doing this for me as we speak, I’m sure you could too. It can be your friend as well, but it has to be consistent.

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