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Make Money With PLR Blogs and Flippa

I am earning huge amount from this method from last few months, and believe me you will become rich with this too.


I don’t know how many Flippa Earning courses you have already bought or this may be your first one. Regardless of what the case may be, I can guarantee you that if you follow everything that I have laid out in step-by-step fashion and take action, it would be virtually impossible for you not to see good money in your pocket.

Trust me; People are already earning huge bucks from Flippa only doing this method.

I hope you have your seat belt buckled because I’m about to take you on one hell of a ride.

Just Wait a Minute Please

OK, guys! In this guide I’ll teach you how you can make $100 or even more every single day on Flippa in 7 simple steps!

Your initial capital must be only $30 to 60$ to start, so you’ll get it back in 2 days!

So, let’s start our step-by-step instruction.

First, let’s take a look at this Flippa seller:


As you can see, he sold 96 sites for $10,990, it’s $114 per site on the average. In the next few minutes I’ll show you that the cost of one site is around $44 with included Flippa’s fees, so with every sale he make around $70 NET. OK, so the only thing you need – make 2 sales every other days and here is your $100 a day and even more. Happy

Step 1:

The actual myth behind this strategy is selling good looking Pre Created PLR Blogs. He is actually buying blogs from this site


You can see most of these PLR Blogs are only in between $15 to $25 and you’ll can get niche blogs to sell in lower prices if you do bulk deals!

I remember once I have contacted them and they sent me a discount link where I can buy these PLR Blogs in bulk and the wholesome cost reduces to less than $10.

The best way is to contact the site owner directly through contact us link.

Well there are some other cheaper ways that you can find readymade PLR Blogs but please be careful about licensing. You need to have resale rights to sell these blogs. So look forward about Licensing Information before selling these blogs on Flippa as Flippa has all rights to put your auction down if you are selling illegal stuff. So be careful about it.

You can always look for the following places to get PLR Blogs in cheaper and even you can contact product owner to get bulk deals.

Warrior Forum: http://www.warriorforum.com. Just search on Warrior Forum for PLR Blogs and you will find many WSO regarding this.

You can also check Fiverr.com but I wouldn’t recommend and most of those Fiverr sellers are selling illegal and hacked stuff that can affect your Flippa Auction anytime. So be very careful while selling hacked stuff on Flippa.

You must carefully choose your niche. Have a look on recent auctions of this user or any other user on Flippa who is doing this type of business. See what is hot, what they are selling. You can select PLR Blogs from the following hot niche and then sell on Flippa. These niches are:

Golf , Forex , Weight Loss , Quit Smoking ,Dog Training , Health and Fitness ,Any other hot niche. Use Brain

Step 3:

Pick up a cool domain name on justdropped.com .You can also check FreshDrop.com however it needs a little investment if you want quality results. You need to have a paid account which costs you 20$ per month. So not recommended if you can’t afford them. However when you have stable $$$ in pipeline, you can get an account and look for quality domain names in their database. You can also check Godaddy Auctions but you hardly find a quality domain name with lese price. Remembers you are not going to sell blogs on higher rates so do your math first while getting domains and hosting to host your PLR Blog site. Search for deleted keyword domains what contains words related to your niche, I think you can do it, it’s simple and fun.

Step 4:

Register this domain at GoDaddy or any registrar that offers you domain equal to $5 or less.

Why I recommend Godaddy that you can get fresh Godaddy Coupons easily to buy domain on cheaper rates. And also it is much easier to push your domain to buyer account.

Remembers almost every Buyer on Flippa uses Godaddy so keep this ease in your mind too.

So your domain is ready now as per your PLR Blog niche, it’s time to host your blog now

Step 5:

Get the Baby Hosting Plan on the hostgator.com, it’s only $5 per month and you can host unlimited domains. Remember you need a hosting plan that support to host unlimited domains. Since you are going to transfer and host bulk domains on your account, Hostgator Baby Plan is vital.

Here is actual snapshot taken from Hostgator.

Visit www.hostgator.com 

Step 6:

Install PLR blog on the host (the instruction you’ll find in the blogs package). You can also visit the following link for helpful guides for installing http://www.premadeniches.com/guides/

Step 7:

So you are ready to start your Auction on Flippa and ready to earn 100$ a day. List the site on Flippa now!

Just describe some things from the PLR blogs sales page like cool design, plugins, and great money making potential etc. Follow the mentioned Flippa Seller at the start of this guide and watch his auctions process closely. Do some reverse engineering and you will see huge success in your Flippa Auction Career.

That’s all, folks!

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