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Gain Unlimited YouTube Subscribers


To start doing this method you’re going to need a partnered YouTube channel with “Conditional redirections”.


You can find this at:http://www.youtube.com/account_channel_advanced

Already have one? Great!


Don’t have one? Don’t worry! To get partnered it’s very easy, just have any YouTube account and visit http://join.awesomenesstv.com/the-network/ then click “Join!” and go through the steps, after you have gone through the steps they will tell you, you need to check your email in a couple of days to approve the invite. This will usually take about 2 days and it will be in your YouTube channel’s email.

Sometimes you don’t get “Conditional redriections” when partnering with awesomenesstv, what you’re going to have to do then is rank up some views (If you don’t already have some) and get partnered with RPMNetwork at https://partner.makerstudios.com/ – If you’re not approved then you must get more views to get partnered, it’s very easy to get partnered by them so you shouldn’t have much trouble. I suggest using a auto-refresher on like 6 videos to get 300 views which should be enough!

Okay, once we have everything we need you’re going to want to visit http://www.youtube.com/account_channel_advanced. Here you will find “Conditional redirections” close to the bottom save button. In that box you want to put the following code:


“USERNAME” stands for the username you want to put subscribers on! So you would change that to the username you want to put subscribers on.

After you’re finished and you have put the username you want in that code, click save.

So it should look like this but with your username where mine says “Fight”.


Okay, once you have saved it we can move on.

Let me also mention that what this does is it makes it so the channel redirects to a different channel, you cannot do this with the redirect URL because it doesn’t redirect correctly… The code is the trick/secret to all of this.

Alright, so now you want to visit http://addmefast.com, sign up and login.

Once you have logged in, get atleast 10 points then go to


Here is where you get all your subscribers!

Change everything to how I have it in this picture:


Now you’re going to want to put in the “Channel id” instead of “YOUTUBEUSERNAME” put the partnered channel’s username, NOT the one in the code you put in “Conditional redirections” put the channel that is partnered and has the code linked to it!

Okay once you have done that click save changes and you should see the subscribers racking up daily, I have once gained 5000 subscribers in ONE DAY from this.

Now I know what you’re thinking… “Isn’t this just a public method and aren’t I going to need points?!” NOPE, the “Conditional redirections” is a glitch where you don’t even loose any points on the website and gain free subscribers, as long as you have 10 points in your account (Which you should never loose) you’re fine.

If you did this all correctly you’re all setup and ready to go!

Here are some more sites where you can do the same thing and get subscribers too:



If you do all 3 of the sites at the same time you should rack in a good amount of subscribers, just always make sure to have atleast 10 points on all of them. Other sites may be different, you should be able to figure it out!

Also you can find your own.
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