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CPA Doctrine – Make Your First $100 In A Few Hours Part 1

Module #1 – Introduction to CPA Marketing

Module #2 – Top 3 High Paying CPA Networks (2017)

Module #3 – Find your DREAM OFFER


CPA stands for Cost-per-action or Cost-per-acquisition. CPA is an online advert payment model which allows advertisers to pay for qualifying actions such as a sale or a registration or something along the lines. These can be the most simplest things like

1) Completing a survey

2) Building keyword files for relevant phrases

3) Filling out a form

4) Accepting a free trial of something

5) Providing an email address

6) Newsletter Signing up

Its as simple as that. No re-selling of a product, No refunds, No long self purchases or any of the other traditional affiliate marketing things to worry about. To be honest, CPA is one of the simplest ways to earn quick money online.

Now just like regular affiliate marketing, CPA marketing also consists of two two types of people involved. One is the CPA Advertiser and other is a CPA Affiliate.

A CPA Advertiser can target close to 100% leads with this, because the advertiser ONLY pays when the action is performed. So, for example you are ONLY going to pay for a “free sign up” or maybe an “ebook download” to an affiliate or a network, when the action has been completed. Now based on different affiliate networks, you can decide on your different bidding spend and hence get different count of actions done.

As a CPA Affiliate or a Publisher, you would be promoting the “action” or “offer” promoted by the CPA Advertiser. Again, this can be either getting people to sign up for a service, accepting a free trial of some service, or even as simple as providing an email address. You will be rewarded a specific commission for that particular action. Now this varies from different networks and their commission percentage which we talk about a few sections later. Now the most amazing thing about this is, unlike regular affiliate marketing, you don’t have to rely on a sale. You just need to focus on covering up that particular action, and you can enjoy your commission percentage.

CPA Networks are actually kind of a middlemen between the CPA advertiser and the CPA affiliate. So usually if you are either one of those, you would sign up with a CPA network, to get the maximum amount of business on either sides. We are going to be talking in detail about different amazing and highly paying CPA networks later in the course.

Now in this bible of CPA marketing, you will learn on how to become a CPA advertiser and make it a Full time Business Online. Its going to be an interesting journey, so be excited 😉

How is CPA marketing different from “traditional” affiliate marketing?

The biggest and most important difference between CPA and “traditional” affiliate marketing is You will be able to earn in CPA without selling a product, whereas in “traditional” affiliate marketing you would need to wait for a product to be sold in order to earn your commission. That is why CPA marketing is considered to be the fastest and easiest way to make a quick bucks online.

Benefits of CPA Marketing:

– No website needed

– No marketing experience needed

– You don’t sell anything

– Commissions are as high as $150/action

– Perfect for Newbies who want to make some quick income

– Perfect for College Students who want to earn some side income

– Perfect for Housewives

– Lot of payment options (Direct Bank Account / Paypal / Even Check)

– Start working as an affiliate RIGHT NOW with your own email

– CPA is a type of agreement, which if works well, you can even ask for a pay bump. People are paid $100 per form registration after they make a successful business relation with an advertiser. Imagine the potential if you can get even 1 person to register a form each day. You are still eligible to earn over $3000/month just by a single form registration and a good business relation.

Email Submits

These are the easiest and most widely used CPA offers, where a user is asked to submit their email to get access to something 100% free. Payouts for CPA affiliates can go up to $3-$6 per email submitted depending on the niche, country and type of the offer.

Free trial signups/downloads

These were not very widely used till 2014 but with the dawn of 2015 and even more in 2016, this has become one of the most used CPA offers after regular email submits. The reason it is growing pretty awesomely at the moment, is it gives the user double benefits. First of all the offer is free to register to, and secondly you get trial access to a service as well. Its like a win-win situation for the user, which in return converts very well. The payout is something around $6-$50. The major gap between the price depends on the amount of work required on the user’s end. Some free trials require the user to only submit their email id and name and others might ask for their credit card details without being charged anything. So, it depends vastly on the niche of the product.

This type of offers, works great for niches, like weight loss, free samples etc.

Zip Submits

This type of offer consists of a user submitting their zip code for some information, product access or any survey. If you are an CPA affiliate promoting this type of offer, you can get around $5 per zip code submitted but can vary based on the criterias mentioned above.



This consists of someone downloading and installing an app / software / plugin of some kind. This usually are hard to promote if you don’t have a solid trusted following, because most people don’t trust downloads from unknown sources. So, if you are an affiliate, you make sure that the offer you are promoting is actually legit. Payouts of this type can go around $18-$25 per download and installation.

Form Submission

Now even though this type of offers are hard to convert but they are high paying offers. It consists of someone submitting their personal details into a form in return they get qualified for something like a sweepstake, or a lucky draw or maybe a free product. The reason it is low converting is people usually get bored filling out all those details one after the other. Payouts of this type can be around $25 per form submitted.

The best thing about CPA just like Affiliate Marketing is, it has a lot of niches to choose from. At some points, it has even more niches to choose from as compared to “traditional” affiliate marketing. With CPA, you can find literally anything to promote.

Beauty products Children and Family Education/Careers Entertainment

Health/Fitness and Weight Loss


Real Estates


There are two amazing niches that works best on CPA, are… As seen on TV.

Coupons and Daily Deals

These are two specific categories that work wonders with CPA, because people usually tend to go for products that they see on tv, and if they get to signup or take an action which is FREE to do, they are bound to convert. Same goes for Coupons and Daily deals. People are always looking out for some coupon codes for maybe a website subscription or even maybe for a physical/digital product they are aiming to purchase in the near future.

Now before I list out a few High paying CPA networks, let me tell you what were my criterias for finding those.

– The most important thing that should be considered before signing up for a CPA network is how popular the network is. The less popular ones do pay out but you are always at a risk of coming across a fraudulent network. Moreover, if not that, new networks have less advertiser connections which makes you hard to find an offer to choose from.

– Always make sure to clearly understand, if you have to pay any fees to join. There are different networks which charge you quite a bit to join their network, but they offer huge commissions as well. So, make sure you understand each network nicely before applying.

– The benefits to look forward to. Different CPA networks offer different form of benefits. Some offer high payouts but less payment options, and others offer, a lot of payment options, but have a high “minimum balance for withdrawal” limit. So, you need to balance the benefits equally.

– The disadvantages to expect – This goes hand in hand, with the previous point. If there would be some benefits there would also be some disadvantages. So, it depends on how you weight out those.

– The approval methods (if any), their payout methods, the minimum balance for withdrawal and so on…

1) Max Bounty (www.maxbounty.com)

Max Bounty has been one of the very best CPA networks from the past 2-3 years. The have a lot of offers, ranging from Automatives, Biz Opp, Dating, Downloads, Education, Financial etc. You can even choose to select offers from and for specific countries only. So, for example, if you are in the UK and only want to see offers for the UK, you can do just that.

That being said, MaxBounty also has a filter where you can search offers based on email swipes, banners, mobile and social media availability. So, for example, if you don’t have a website and only want to promote via email, you can look for offers which have email swipes available with them.

Another great feature of MaxBounty is that it has amazingly high payouts for different offers. A few sections ago, you read that Free trial downloads, Form submissions have the highest payout in a CPA network. Now with MaxBounty, you can earn upto $100 on each form submit. Later in this course, when we read more on how to generate traffic for our CPA, you would see that you can EASILY earn around $400-$500 daily on a regular basis using MaxBounty.

Acceptance is pretty easy on MaxBounty. You apply as an affiliate and they send you a verification link and after that an affiliate manager gives you a call to know more about your process. Being honest with them works the best. Just tell them at which point of your CPA marketing journey are you at, and I am pretty sure you would be selected easy.

2) Peer Fly (www.peerfly.com)

Peerfly is a very genuine and trusted network due to its amazing affiliate management team. Its perfect for new guys, and always pays on time. It has tons of offers like MaxBounty and even has a reward system which lets to battle against other publishers.

It doesn’t have a lot of difference as compared to MaxBounty but one. Peerfly doesn’t let you choose from a lot of filter options like MaxBounty. Other than that, I think both MaxBounty and Peerfly should be enough for you to get started and turning this into a full time business from home. It offers you weekly, 15 or 30 days payout via Paypal, Payoneer and even a Check.

3) Click Booth (www.clickbooth.com)

Clickbooth is another amazing cpa network which is great for both advertisers and affiliates. According to their website 85% of their advertisers are truly exclusive. The offers that you as a affiliate would promote are undergone through a rigorous process of selection by the clickbooth experts. So, you are 100% sure, that the offers you promote are going to perform and convert amazingly. The only thing that made it land on the 3rd position is, it doesn’t have that many products and offers as maxbounty and peerfly does. In some ways its good, because of their rigorous process, only the cream offers makes it through, but on some cases, you might run out of offers to promote in your particular niche.

Now, when I was writing this ebook, I recalled that a lot of people have asked me previously on how to quickly get selected in MaxBounty or Peerfly or any other CPA network at that. So, let me give you a few ninja tricks to get selected in ANY CPA network.

Be Confident

CPA networks only want to know what you are doing, and are only interested in knowing if you are and would be serious about this business. So, don’t spend time writing down a script of things you would want to say on your application. REMEMBER – CPA networks need serious affiliates like you, more than you need them.

Don’t be a “frocky” affiliate

This a term that I have devised myself. A “frocky” affiliate is someone who tries to talk smart and promise a thousand clicks and hits only to go ahead and buy those clicks from fiverr. No, don’t ever be that guy. Purchased clicks have rarely worked for me or anyone at that matter. So, you should never do that, nor give this idea in the affiliate application.

Select a “niche” and stick to it

This is a very big reason most people fail at CPA marketing. They move all over the place while selecting a “niche”. You need to select one or at the most two and focus only on those. That way you can focus all your time trying to promote that particular niche’s offers and create a user base for it. There are times when other niches are paying off more, but don’t get deviated. Stick to a particular niche and keep working at it and you will start earning hundreds and even thousands in no time.

Now, I am not saying that if you select a niche early on then you are not allowed to switch to a new one. But, only do that, if you are finding better ways to promote in that new niche. You should only make a switch, if you have a brilliant new way to promote that product.

Traffic methods used

This is a question that literally all of the CPA networks would be asking you. What are the traffic methods you would be using and why? Now, in this course, I will be talking about a very amazing traffic source, so you can either talk about that, or just explain to them how you would be using Facebook advertising or Email marketing to promote the offers.

By this time, I hope you have gone through the 3 amazing CPA networks that I have mentioned above and have decided on your perfect niche(s) that you would want to promote. AWESOME !! You are nearly there to start your full time CPA business online.

Now, we need to find the perfect offer to start promoting. Introducing

Offer Vault (offervault.com)

If you are serious about CPA marketing and turning this into a full time business from the comfort of your home, you need to know about Offer Vault. Its a one stop source for all types of affiliate offers available on the market. CPA or even traditional affiliate marketing offers.

You can search on the top to look for your perfect offer or you can create a free account to try out some advanced search preferences. But even if you are in a hurry, you can learn a lot about different CPA offers that are currently there and in which network and how much do they payout.

Similarly, you can checkout Odigger (odigger.com)

It has a similar system as compared to offervault but is less intuitive as compared to it. In any case, the more tools you have access to the better your chances are to find the best offer.

Make sure you spend some good time looking for the perfect offer. Even though it isn’t needed but try and learn about the offer you are promoting as much as you can.

With the knowledge in this ebook, I can say that you are 100% ready to start your own CPA Affiliate Business in just a few minutes time. Lets move on to Part 2 and start learning about how we can tap into a major 50 million people traffic source to promote our CPA offers and how to make $100 daily with just 15 mins time.

CPA Doctrine – Make Your First $100 In A Few Hours Part 2