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  1. BuySellMethods

    This method has been tested by BuySellMethods Team and confirmed as working!

  2. Gottacasuns

    I have sent you a PM.

  3. pippleon

    Can someone else confirm the method works?

  4. Shiya

    Looks really good so i bought it…

    • Tycoon

      If you have any questions, let me know.

      • deepak123

        what is work some explain bro how long time it is valid how much earn

        • Tycoon

          It is valid forever. Potential for earning is limitless…. you just need to work. Send me a PM for more informations.

  5. Borrona5

    How long does it takes to become the first earnings?

    • Tycoon

      I’ve got my first earnings after 2 days… some of my customers got it even faster.

  6. rowiredo

    I’ve purchased this eBook last night, and I’m quite impressed. After reading through all the 30 pages of solid information, I realised how good, and how both unseen and unsaturated this method is. Couldn’t get any better.

  7. BoyPeakFuzzy

    Can’t believe the method inside this eBook! Just hours after my purchase I am making money. Simplicity is on point. Not too much, not too little. Perfect method.

  8. Dan-Horray

    Definitely a legit guide

  9. orgaps

    I will purchase this today.

  10. Aribland

    Okay first glance I have on the eBook. I’ve got to say I’m very impressed. Like honestly I’ve done tonnes and tonnes of vouches before insisting on how good methods were, but I really didnt mean it that much. And honestly, this eBook looks amazing! Unsaturated method, easy to read and overall great content. Honestly, to me, when I wanna buy an eBook, I look at vouches. If they say that they’re gonna try it out, then I buy it. And this is one of these methods, where vouchers actually try out the method and report with their earnings..

    I’ve earned so far:

  11. Hiroo

    HUGE Vouch for this eBook, I’m coming home next week and I’ll try the method as soon as I can. So freaking happy haha.

  12. kvisogic

    I will give this a 10/10, as it’s so unseen, like I’ve never seem this method, or even thought of it before.
    It’s easy to read, and Tycoon is providing you with absolutely everything you’ll need to know. This method also has a great potential, and it clearly has my vouch!

    • Tycoon

      Thank you for the vouch! Congrats on earnings 🙂

  13. Resaun

    I higly recommend to buy this eBook because it’s very unique.

  14. asber

    After purchasing this eBook, Tycoon was very fast to reply to me for support, honestly surprising to me.
    In about 48 HOURS after purchasing, I had earned back the $ I spent on the ebook AND MORE.
    Huge vouch from me, this method have serious payout.

  15. TeProvian

    this shit is legit asf I doubt ebooks so much but since I know Tycoon personally this method is making me bank so far after 15 minutes of setting it up I am at $51 lol never knew this shit would work and the funny thing is it will never saturated, I would definitely stop spending money on other products on this site and get this if you think this is some bull shit im writing pm me with your skype and I will share all screens.

  16. MattW

    Purchased it after i saw how good are reviews about earnings and support, made $ so far

  17. yurioh

    Is this method legit ? This is my first time visiting this website …. I have some trust concerns are these reviews legit ?

    • Edgar1

      Yes it is legit. I’m using this method for a month, made $750 so far. With little twists, it could be a real goldmine 🙂

  18. Maverick91

    Are these methods still working in October?

  19. buyseller

    Does this have anything to do with bitcoin / other cryptocurrency methods?


    • Tycoon

      No, this doesn’t have anything with bitcoins or cryptocurrencies.

  20. samgold

    Sir. is it all these reviews correct please? bcos my salary is $40 per month
    Please i just wanted to know.

  21. decenthasoo

    I M looking for good earning method here if you don’t mind can you show your proof through skype or team viewer thanks

  22. samgold

    Your skype Id pls

  23. Warriorprincess

    Does this have anything to do with gambling?

  24. kimmer551

    Can you a give a estimate, on a total amount you have made, since you started using your own system?

    • Tycoon

      I made a lot, pm me and I’ll show you my earnings live.

  25. Warriorprincess

    I purchased yesterday. Is there an email address I can use to contact you?


    • Tycoon

      Yes of course, you can message me via contact form here

  26. mohamm8

    The method itself is explained really well, even with screenshots attached. First I didn’t really know what to do and where to start because I read it too fast. I messaged Tycoon and he kindly assisted me. I’ve earned $224 in five days 🙂

    20$ for this ebook is a bargain!

    • Tycoon

      I’m glad this guide helped you. If you want to ask me something more, feel free to PM-me anytime 🙂

  27. Can I make money for long term(several years) with this method or just for short term(a couple of months)?

  28. legendinh95

    Dear Tycoon,

    After reading many reviews about your eBook method, I really want to purchase it.

    But because of having many scam before in make money online, so I have some questions that hope you can reply for me !

    1- I live in Vietnam, so does it have any difficult for me to do it well ? such as: payment, the strict register etc…

    2- How much money does I need to invest ? Does it require invest daily like Fb ads fee or one time ?

    3- What do I need to success with this method ? What skills it require such as: writing English, reading or etc ? Because of being an Vietnamese, I can’t writer so well :).

    4- Can you give me your skype ID that I can discuss with you before buying it ? I try to add the skype ID you provided in other comment but it’s not exist 🙂

    Thank you so much, I’ll puchase right away after seeing your reply 🙂

    • Tycoon

      This method can be used worldwide. There are no payment restrictions. You don’t need to invest in Fb ads, it’s not related to Fb at all. Investment is optional and usually not required. You need to know basic English, nothing special. PM me via contact form, I’m not sharing my skype public.

  29. Enchantra

    I was considering buying this, but it seems the previous questions have gone unanswered for some time, so doesn’t look good. I’ll reconsider if his questions are answered, as I also want to if this is about fb ads or similar. Also a valid skype id would bring some credibility. Thanks.

    • Tycoon

      I’ve answered on all questions. You don’t need to invest in Fb ads, it’s not related to Fb at all. Investment is optional and usually not required. PM me via contact form, I’m not sharing my skype public.

  30. Enchantra

    Just to make sure, this method will work worldwide, right?

  31. JonU

    Hi Tycoon how much time a day I need to spend to earn about 50$ ?
    thank you

    • JonU

      I mean spend a day to earn 50$ a day

      • Tycoon

        That depends on how you do the method. If you follow my instructions exactly as described, you will earn $50 in a few hours easily.

  32. naqiu402

    Is it related to Instagram marketing + promoting affiliate through Instagram?

  33. Karavas

    I can totally recommend this ebook. It is very well described and very easy to implement. It took me just about 20-30 minutes to set up everything. Once this is done you have to invest only a couple of hours every day if you want to earn good money. I made my first money with this method after 24 hours. Since purchased it I’ve earned $352

  34. samgold

    Hello, i just bought your ebook can you sent me your skype id lets talk

  35. javierbra

    Hello . For the method, is it necessary to know how to write in English ?
    (I use Google Translate)
    Because I understand English, but I find it difficult to write. Thanks!

    • Tycoon

      It’s not necessary to know how to write, don’t worry…

  36. Fhq123

    Is this still working? I want to buy.

  37. akash15785

    Is the method still working..?? I wanna give a try.. Someone please confirm..

    • Karavas

      I’m confirming this method is working very well. My earnings are bigger and bigger every day.

  38. olameek

    Is this method still working, I want it…

  39. ankit52101@

    how long time it is working just as 1-2 month or 2-4 months etc

  40. ankit52101@

    ur skype id for chatting related ebook

  41. subashr

    hi tycoon,
    i have bought it and hope will d good for me. how do i reach you on skype?

    • Tycoon

      Thanks for purchasing my method. I’ve sent you my skype.

  42. deleece92

    is this still working and do i have to spend money daily to make money daily

    • Tycoon

      Yes it is working… you don’t need to invest with this method.

  43. Ramiromonito09

    Hey Tycoon i have an odd question could i use this method through my phone?

  44. Sivalai

    I’m a newbie and happen to find your site. As your already answer : This method will work forever, I would like to ask one question about your lifetime support. Do you mean buyers can contact for help in any issues pertaining to this eBook since I am a beginner and I may have questions? Thanks.

    • Tycoon

      Yes of course. You can contact me always for anything related to my method, on Skype or email.

  45. redtek93

    Hi i want to know if it still works ?
    does it have anything to do with mypayingads ?

    Thank you .

    • Tycoon

      Yes it still works. It’s not related to mypayingads.

  46. midoalaa

    Does it work world wide ?

  47. DigitalTitan

    Does it still work in 2017?

  48. xolarex

    Hello give me ur skype for some matters before buy..

    If i bought that today can i make $ tomorrow spending not less than 10 hours on it
    And how much aday can it bring from 10 hour work?
    The source of money is what.. cpa?

    • Tycoon

      Yes. My skype: erictycoon
      You will work a few hours daily. This is not related to CPA.

  49. preyam24

    Please tell me following.
    How much i have to invest ?
    How much time i have to give ?
    how i contact u?

    • Tycoon

      You don’t need to invest at all. Time you need is a couple of hours daily. Skype or PM.

  50. kingroshan

    Is it related to bitcoin or something ?

  51. munib

    Hello tycoon. Im interested to buy your cours at 2018. Will you provide me a support?

    It is related to social networking or fiverr?

    • Tycoon

      Yes I provide support and mentoring. No social networks or fiverr.

  52. danielgomesb

    It’s still working on january 2019?

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