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115 Responses to “SupremeBuck$ [20 MINUTES SETUP] Earn $200 A DAY [FULL LIFETIME SUPPORT]”

  1. BuySellMethods

    This method has been tested by BuySellMethods Team and confirmed as working!

  2. Alexi7

    Is it related to ebay/dropshiping?
    Can any country people earn or only for US,UK?

    • CorcoDan

      None of those also it’s completely white hat legal, any county at any age u just need Internet access.

  3. caspel

    Does this have anything to do with email marketing?

  4. Ashford

    I don’t understand, how are you making money? What are you doing to make more?

  5. H3l3z

    Just bought this ebook. After read this ebook. I can tell, this method is so much better than other ebook. Unlike other ebook, this ebook definitely earning money. I will keep post tmw for earning proof.

  6. woody24

    Ok, bought this ebook, made decent amount of money. Here is my honest review:

    Originality: 8/10
    The methods that are included within this eBook are very good with lots of examples.
    This is NOT hard at all! And anybody can do it with the littlest amount of work or skill needed.

    Grammar: 10/10
    I did not notice any grammar mistakes!
    Ease of Use: 9/10
    With this method being insanely easy to do also comes how extremely fast the earnings are as well after you’ve put in some work!
    So if you are looking for a good easy method that actually works and will earn you back your money and more this is the eBook for you!

    Layout/Design 9/10
    The eBook layout is very simple which is always great for one reason.
    That reason is if it’s simple then it’s easy for everyone to be able to read and use.
    With this simple layout though they designed it in the way that it is a step by step guide,
    so all you have to do is read exactly what it tells you to do and then you will start earning, it’s as easy as that!
    The eBook layout is perfect for all people so anybody can read it and understand what it is asking you to do.

    Overall: 9/10
    I am giving this eBook an high rating of 9/10 for one main reason.
    I know eBooks have a bad reputation because most of them end up promising extremely insane results that never happen for the buyers.
    But this one is different!
    So overall if you are just looking to make some good money I would recommend this book.

    Earnings so far:

    • CorcoDan

      Thanks for your detailed review good luck with earnings 🙂

  7. JoshWess303

    I would recommend this book as it is simple yet able to bring in cash flow.

  8. Energy700

    Made 305$ so far with it.

  9. Michigan

    Great method! Here’s some payment proof that the method actually works.

  10. Wee

    Just made the purchase, thank you very much.

    • CorcoDan

      Thanks for your purchase
      good luck if any help needed contact me !

  11. sallej

    I purchased the ebook and heres my review 😀 :

    Support 10/10 : Dont even get me started on support. He will always be there if you need help and believe me, he will spend all the time in the world assisting you, but keep in mind he is a human so he does sleep so dont expect a reply ASAP, he MAY be busy sometimes like you are sometimes.

    Originality 9.99/10 : Never seen before method here. This is an amazing method, probably wont become saturated due to the method and how smart it is. Ive bought 100 ebooks in the past and NOTHING I literally mean NOTHING matches up to this method or comes close in similarity.

    Overall Review 9/10 : Once ur setup and autopilot its all good and a decent income 😀

    Price 10/10 : Biggest bargain for buck, ill tell you that. This is a method where u can make alot of money, and its very very good for someone whose maybe under 18 or has some time and is a student and would like to make alot of money.

    Ease of Use : 7.5/10 : Was quite confusing for me but I contacted him and he assisted me 🙂 Once your setup, its quite easy and u can sleep you only need like 5-10 minutes of time then you can go autopilot for the rest of the day.

    Grammar/Understanding Ebook 7.5/10 : I understood MOST of it, just some bits here and there but remember he will ALWAYS be there for lifetime support, he is a friendly guy and will help you no matter what.

    Setup 6.5/10 : Took some time to do as he was busy and couldnt help for a few hours as he wasnt home but once he was home he did assist me and due to some issues on my behalf it did take longer than insisted.

  12. soprann

    I bought the ebook and I began yesterday with 20$ invest, I earned 33$ today.
    He gives great support and the method is autopilot, I recommand buying this ebook.

  13. DagRed

    seems like a good ebook based on peoples comments. But honestly, whats the most likely figure to make everyday with this. i know if u write 100$ then thats like the ultimate wich usually never happens. Is even 50$/day kinda guaranteed?

    • CorcoDan

      It changes from one to one but most people reach $50 daily.

  14. ChapChap

    Following all the steps takes barely any time, also the daily effort is not a lot at all.
    It’s easy, it has potential to earn a lot if you keep spending time on it.

  15. ChapChap

    I think this is the first time im writing a positive review for an ebook.

  16. toolv

    Just bought this ebook. After read this ebook. I can tell, this method is so much better than other ebook. Unlike other ebook, this ebook definitely earning money.

  17. Code1240

    Good luck with sales!

  18. CorcoDan

    thanks for purchasing now chatting with you on skype to finish setup good luck 🙂

  19. CorcoDan

    Thanks for your kind review.

  20. nkexo

    Hey man, where can I find your skype?

  21. samgold

    Your skype please

  22. samgold

    I have sent you a request

  23. Warriorprincess

    Does this have anything to do with forex, bitcoin trading or gambling?


    • CorcoDan

      No, this is not related with forex, bitcoin trading or gambling.

  24. buhari4u

    How much investment we need apart from the guide price?

    • CorcoDan

      All depends on how much you want to earn. It is explained in the ebook…

  25. WolfDex

    Wait… Cash? Just cash? Well, no! The cool thing is about this method is, that you can get easy cash doing almost nothing.
    My first payment

  26. Frostrich

    I will purchase this ASAP.

  27. rhignome

    A lot of ebooks promise you a FULLY auto-pilot get rich method. I have never heard or seen this method myself. This is an unsaturated method that never will get saturated. Everything what Dan states in his design is true. This is indeed a simple method to get you up to +100$ daily with minimal effort (10 minutes max.). However, this method does require some investment. But who cares if you earn it back within a day or two?

  28. Ashford

    I bought this giude and I’ve already got my money back. This is just awesome and it has HUGE HUGE potenital.
    Payment proof

  29. nokia1

    I have a question, does this method works in the UK?

  30. legendinh95

    Dear CorcoDan,

    After reading many reviews about your eBook method, I really want to purchase it.

    But because of having many scam before in make money online, so I have some questions that hope you can reply for me !

    1- I live in Vietnam, so does it have any difficult for me to do it well ? such as: payment, the strict register etc…

    2- How much money does I need to invest ? Does it require invest daily like Fb ads fee or one time ?

    3- What do I need to success with this method ?

    Thank you so much, I’ll puchase right away after seeing your reply 🙂

    • CorcoDan

      1. No, this method doesn’t have country or payment processor restrictions.
      2. All depends on how much you want to earn. It is explained in the ebook…
      3. Money, little work (almost nothing) and a goodwill 🙂

      Cheers 🙂

  31. roddyf

    even i feel like purchasing this ebook

  32. roddyf

    is it still available?

  33. roddyf

    does it involve creating lots of accts?

  34. roddyf

    interesting think ill purchase a copy

  35. riz.rits

    Does this method still working?

  36. Sahil154

    Is this still working?

  37. YKNB

    still working?

  38. ankit52101@

    I have first time visit site pls help me how can connect with u

  39. MoneyGrabbers

    Hi Dan,
    Just sent you a PM.
    Please could you let me know when you can.

  40. czzylle

    Does investing requires a verified paypal account?
    if not paypal . Is it bitcoin?

  41. 3plex

    Mate is your method still running? Can it get saturated? Do you offer refund?

    • CorcoDan

      Yes it is… it will never get saturated. Of course, I offer refund.

  42. saifctg

    Dear Mentor,
    May i know Which payment methods support to cashout Dollar with your methods, because in country paypal don’t support

  43. CorcoDan

    There are multiple payment options. You will get your money anywhere on the world… don’t worry about that.

  44. AliAsadUrRehman

    I am interesting to buy it but paypal is not available in our country. Can I get paid other way payment as Skrill or Payoneer using your method.

    • CorcoDan

      Multiple payment methods are available… Contact me for more info.

  45. young69

    Anything to do with:

    bitcoin arbitrage

  46. Andre314

    Two questions:
    1.) Is this method still working?
    2.) What’s the best way to contact you directly?

    • CorcoDan

      Yes it is working. Contact me via PM or skype: CorcoDan

  47. godofbuysellmethods

    Is this still working? Just asking so, coz there are no timestamps associated with the comments above.

  48. faruck

    Is this method still working in may,2017? How much i earn with this method without investment?

    • CorcoDan

      Yes it is working in may 2017. The method is related to investing… you need to invest to make money.

  49. cake

    Is this method still working ?

    • CorcoDan

      It works very good. You can purchase anytime.

      • munib


        Sorry for asking you same question. My sole reason is just to get your prompt respond.

        Is this method still working fine in 2017?.

        Once you respond this I’m happy to make a purchase very soon


  50. Blackdijoe


    is it any format of a pyramidal money making system? Does it involve a money making system (like this one for example)?

    • CorcoDan

      No, it’s not related with the things you mentioned.

      • Dolphinas

        Congrats for the method and the good positive reviews!
        1- Is this method working now 20 October 2017?
        2- What is the minimum investment to start with?
        3- Do I need to buy other tools to set it up?

        Thank you for your response upon which I’ll buy since there is a refund guarantee!

        • CorcoDan

          Yes it is working in October 2017. You can start with $5. You don’t need any tools.

  51. jabeur7

    your methode still work !

  52. mrmohammad

    Hello Dear Still Work on 2018/03/07

  53. vinit16

    i hope your method still working in april 2018 . just wanted to know more about your ebook , how can i contact you ??? after purchase any other investment needed to get starting with this , i am from india , can i work from here with this .. waiting for your answer ..

    • CorcoDan

      Yes it works in April 2018. More you invest more you will earn. It works in India, actually it works worldwide. Conact my via PM or Skype: CorcoDan

  54. Clos80

    Does this have to do with getting refferals/ sign ups ?

  55. Clos80

    How about anything to do with fiverr?
    Forum posting?
    Every thing done online?

  56. cruise100

    does method still works in june 2018
    is it ad investment package
    is it cpa marketing related

    • CorcoDan

      Yes it works in june 2018. It’s not related with things you mentioned.

  57. Oudman

    Hello, is this method newbie friendly?! Is it the justin bieber method?! :/

  58. mrmohammad

    Hello, this still work 2018/07/02
    and how much investment to start
    I want to buy this method but am afraid not to make any dollars
    Can I return my money if I do not make any dollar $ ?

    • CorcoDan

      Yes it is working in July 2018. You can start with as low as $5. You can always return money.

  59. Abdelkt


    Congrats on the results. Does this method have anything to do with Instagram?

  60. orsis94

    Hi Dan,
    I Read All The Reviews 5 Times And Connected With You On Skype…
    Is This Method Still Working?
    This Is 01st February,2019..
    Thank YOU

    • CorcoDan

      Hi orsis. Yes method is working in February 2019. Let’s talk on Skype.

  61. elchueco25

    does method still works?

  62. bruce99

    hey CorcoDan how long does it take to start seeing income once starting the method
    and do i have to wait to cash my money out . Thanks in advance

    • CorcoDan

      You need 1 or 2 days. Yes, some time is required for cashout.

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