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76 Responses to “PROFIT FEDERATION – Unique & Genius Way to $4500 Monthly in 2018”

  1. BuySellMethods

    This method has been tested by BuySellMethods Team and confirmed as working!

  2. Feres

    Looks very fresh. I will consider buying it. Added you on Skype.

  3. sydaybooda

    Do I need a website for this to work?

  4. vince512

    Hey Mike, check your Skype.

  5. IWRoderick

    Purchased! This is definitely something very unique and unseen. On the first read it seems very easy to do. It’s explained in depth, each part is very well described. It’s legal. English is smooth and good. I’m sure that I will not have any trouble making money with this method.

  6. froehli

    Does it include Facebook or Instagram?

    • Mike-Knight

      No. Profit Federation is not related to Facebook, Instagram or any other social platform work.

  7. sorah

    Thank you! It was fairly quick and easy getting the ebook after purchase. It’s a well written book, and easy to understand. I’m looking for supplimental income to me working a part time job. This method will deffinitely earn you alot if you apply yourself, and is good for some long term income! This is definitely easier than methods I did before, and is a good start to something very profitable.Thank you again for the ebook 🙂

  8. jalarcon94

    Quite a unique method. Really, really easy to follow and reading through it just gave me several ideas on how I can get an even greater return! Can’t wait to get started 😀

  9. Tec4

    Sent you a PM Mike.

    • Mike-Knight

      Replied on your questions. Cheers

      • Ismail

        please ! confirm that method still works and what do I need to start . thanks

        • Mike-Knight

          Method works excellent. You don’t need anything special to start.

  10. messa

    I’ve bought the guide. I can say after first reading that’s unique method and easy to do.

  11. Thomas_E

    Well. I bought it as soon as it got released. This method is honestly super simple and easy and I’m sure absolutely anyone can do it. Straight to the point, no empty talk. I’ve never seen similar method before. The ebook is detailed and you should not have any problem understanding/applying the method. And about FULL SUPPORT, Mike’s support is admirable. Love his support. It’s overall a very easy legal way to make some consistent money. Check my earnings 🙂

  12. V-Dark

    Hey Mike, check your Skype please

  13. Solaris

    I’m very happy with this guide. It exceeded my expectations! Genius method, easy to do, profitable. Payment on time. Thanks Mike for selling this masterpiece!

    • Mike-Knight

      Hey, you’re very welcome. Congrats on earnings! Keep that way 🙂

  14. vverdier

    I personally have never seen anything like this, or even remotely did it.

    The author provides plenty of detail, and there’s tons of little tips & tricks to help you out.

    The layout is fairly basic, but very clean and easy to read.

    As for support, Mike has been very friendly and helpful. Quick responses, and quality answers.

    My vouch!


  15. kostas18

    When I start in how many hours/days start earn money?

    • Mike-Knight

      You will need a few days to see first money on your account. After that earnings will be constant.

  16. kostas18

    Also it is about Fiverr/ Craiglist?

  17. rik72

    Never seen anything like it or even thought of it. Nice one. Makes me profit!

  18. grizzly64

    First payout since I bought this fantastic ebook. My bro was reading at first and even he understood what to do. Money isn’t an issue for me with this haha…

  19. Jimmyss

    The method is really easy to setup and it takes no longer than 1 – 2 hours to do so.
    The support is A+, really nice and patience guy!
    He will help with everything until you are satisfied.
    If you are serious about making money online, don’t wait and go grab a copy before its too late.

  20. AFlow

    The guide describes exactly what the seller said. Method is straightforward, easy to follow and it’s not time consuming. I would advice to get this…

  21. Beperev

    Very good method. It is profitable and easy to follow…

  22. waldoor

    This method is great for anyone looking to get cash.The ebook is very well written and I am glad to see such high quality content on the forum. It’s unsaturated and will probably remain so forever due to the nature of the method. I would just like everyone to know that I give this method a good rating. In regards to the content you get and how well written the ebook is, I would definitely give it a 10/10 for that.

  23. matrixfriend

    Interested…any new updates from earners?

    • Thomas_E

      Hey…I use this method since released. This is my 2nd payout.

  24. hanan

    “Is it worth the money”
    To simply answer the question, yes I can wholeheartedly stand behind my purchase and tell you it was one of the best purchases I have made.

    “Have you made any money at all?”
    I have already made back my money. In Fact, I have made over $3800 at this moment in time. It is incredible how much money you can make if you actually put the work that’s required in.

    “How is his support”
    His support has been nothing but excellent up until now. There is nothing to fault, spent hours with me guided me through setup, in fact, did most for me. There is nothing else to say.

    “How much work have you put in”
    This part has always confused me, how do you expect to find a magical method online that will require no work at all. I have considered this to be my online job, and have already outdone my previous job paycheck. I spent a few hours a day working and it has paid off in my eyes.

    “How hard is it to follow”
    The guide is extremely easy to follow. I did come across one part that I found confusing, so I hopped into a direct call with Mike and in under 5 minutes I mastered what I was confused about. Other than that one part I would say a kid could make money using the guide and Mike’s mentorship.

    Income proof:

  25. edgardo

    Send skype message

  26. edgardo

    I need buy a facebook ads account? Tracking System? Or some invest? Work TORO, adbooth and max bounty?

    • Mike-Knight

      Accepted all Skype requests. No you don’t need: fb ads, tracking system, toro, adbooth or maxbounty. Investment is optional. I earn very well without investments but you can choose to invest, of course on the way described in the guide.

  27. Winfried

    Profitable method. Support is great!

  28. franckb

    Quality guide. I personally use this method and I can tell you that it actually works! It will never be saturated, that’s sure. Payment proof:

  29. calmwish

    This method is literally insane. It isn’t complex or difficult to understand and the potential to make money here is insane. You don’t need to think for yourself, you get the instructions and follow them. Mike’s support is extremely fast and fully vouch for this method. Don’t miss this!

  30. JacquesRh

    Not seen this before. Really simple set up and didn’t take any investment for me to earn.

  31. Albert1

    The method itself is very clean and straightforward in a good format and written with good grammar.
    I’m going to continue this and even maybe scale it in the future.

  32. p3365

    All it requires is some time and an internet connection.

  33. rikknet

    I need ebay account for this method??
    Thank you.

  34. zeron

    Vouch for this, doing this more casually but I’ve pulled over 2700 dollars. A true masterpiece.

  35. nkemquotes

    hope it not related to clickbank

  36. Superunknown75

    Is there a software involved? Is this affiliate marketing? Solo ads?

    • Mike-Knight

      No there is not software involved. It’s not related with things you mentioned.

  37. Orlstrider

    I’m almost convinced…..just have 1 question….Is this method have anything to do with cryptocurrency or using google?

    • Mike-Knight

      No it doesn’t have relations with cryptocurrency or google.

  38. Orlstrider

    I’m now sold!!! Buying this now! 🙂

  39. jutIllefe

    From my time of testing with this method, I can vouch for its efficiency. The support you get with this that Mike provides is very useful.

  40. bmarty

    I purchased this some time ago and I would say it’s really really really profitable. This is whitehat. I never saw this method before or never thought about it. Extremely detailed + OP actually gives good support.

  41. blarriapy

    Top guide!

    My earnings in September 2018:

  42. need to sell products / services?

  43. ewan

    This is a high quality guide on making money I’ve made near 3k in one month on this. Could have made more but I made some rookie mistakes. Mike is extremely helpful. Everytime I have had a problem he got to it as quick as he could and helped me.

  44. CatalinRat

    Is this method about selling services?
    Still working?

    • Mike-Knight

      Method works great. It’s not about selling services.

  45. Jamal

    I’ve sent u a request on skype.

  46. LaurentFrancois

    The information in this guide is not something you can easily find on Google or any forum. This guide is unique, profitable and mostly autopilot. Great product!

  47. gesteves

    I’m very satisfied with this method. Support is fast and helpful…


  48. topsy

    How long did it take you to make this amount? And did you drive traffic at any point to earn this?

  49. sunil

    I’ve been following Mike’s products for a very long time and each product gets better and better. I’ve bought all of his money making ebooks and all of them have worked perfectly. But this one is the best one i’ve bought yet!

  50. Boukak12

    Hi still working ?

  51. tonpaulin

    is this project still relevant? can we still enjoy it?


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