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61 Responses to “PRIVATE METHOD – MONEY MONSTER V1.0 <<<<< OVER $70 A DAY WITH A 20 MINUTE SETUP >>>>>”

  1. BuySellMethods

    This method has been tested by BuySellMethods Team and confirmed as working!

  2. redsun

    Does this have anything to do with clickbank?

  3. Shabby88

    So do you have to put in work to the setup daily to make money? And have you made any money yet?

    • Oho

      There’s not much work needed to do on each method. Yes I made money, a lot πŸ™‚

  4. NovozelX

    My 100% honest review:
    Layout 10/10 very professional looking as well as user-friendly.
    Content 9.5/10 OP goes into great detail on how to do each and every method, you would have to be legitly disabled to not understand.
    writing skills 9/10 Awesome job with grammar and structure.
    Overall very very good ebook, worth every penny.

  5. Santa

    Hey thinking of buying this ebook as it seems pretty good!

  6. ChiPod

    Making good money with this. I suggest you increase the price πŸ˜‰

  7. mantt

    planning on buying on the weekend

  8. Plushin

    The is probably the best eBook I’ve seen sold here. This WILL make you money!

  9. cognizar

    Started making money pretty much on the first day. Add a little bit of time and creativity into the work and you could honestly make hella bank.

    • Oho

      Glad you’ve started earning, will only get bigger and better.

  10. Pac22Flash

    I finally bought it.

  11. PlatinumJoe

    The eBook’s design and layout is one of the best I’ve ever seen on here, if not the best. It’s obvious that Oho has dedicated much time and work to this eBook. It is easy to understand and written in perfect English, I haven’t found any grammatical errors or typos.
    There are currently 3 methods available in this eBook. I could understand every method quite easily and these are great for newbies like me who want to build up a constant online income. Each method comes with many pictures and examples. These methods can’t get satured so quickly.
    What comes too with this eBook, is HQ support. He helped me with everything I had problems with and even has done certain tasks for me I didn’t understand. But, “I will earn money for you” doesn’t mean you’ll have to put no effort at all into this and let Isidar do all the work. You will have to put some of your time into these methods, but all the set-ups are easy and fast to do.
    I would rate this 10/10, because of the methods being HQ and the support which is given with this eBook.
    My earnings so far:

  12. gutsy

    this works for any country???

  13. Death303

    1. Any investment needed for this method aside of the price?
    2. Methods can be applied from any country?

  14. inspiringz

    Im excited to read your ebook. I do not need the hardware stuff. Just the possibility to get help from a guy in bringing my family food on the table, cause I am a system outsourced entity. Really appreciate guys like you if this is really a door out direction –> freedom!

  15. LordG

    I’m not going to layout my thoughts or anything; I’ll just say exactly what’s on top of my head. Oho definitely took the time to make sure his customers had a step-by-step guide. He’s great at explaining the methods, and it’s something I’ve never seen before. What’s great is that it’s actually pretty easy to implement. Some method(s) may require more work than the other, but they all help you make money in the end. This isn’t some get rich quick scheme.
    Using these methods, it IS possible to make $100+/day. I don’t think it’s impossible at all to make $100+/day with this eBook. What’s great about this eBook? Oho perfectly explained what I needed to do. He also provides support in case I get stuck.
    My earnings after 7 days

  16. Royal7

    I recommend this product for you. The money making method is simple and works for real.

  17. badbull

    Great book ! Don’t be scared to try it , very easy to understand even for beginners ! πŸ™‚

  18. Edd-Eternal

    ok so i have used this method and it could work i personally cant be bothered but i like it so i think if you put about half an hour into this you could make

    some money.

  19. Ron33

    Any more reviews from buyers? Interested in purchasing this.

  20. Alcohsan

    Already starting to earn a bit. Bought it yesterday and tried method #1 today. Oho guided me through all the steps I had to go through. The earnings develop over time, and I’m looking forward in trying more.

  21. Dary

    Hey guys so I purchased this, and I thought I would write my full detailed review on this.

    This product does not require any investment of any sort and is extremely unsaturated, also this method may be reused but if you put in work you will get results, don’t expect magic results with no work/effort put in. You need to put in work and when you do the results should be good. The support I got from Oho was really good and quick, however yo be honest if Oho sells a lot of copies(500+) this may become saturated, if you are really bad at picking things he has included help in the book for choosing the valid option, payouts will be every 2 weeks however don’t let that put you down as it has a lot of earning potential. The book is also crystal clear in the methods, and he has reasonably secured the book albeit the encryption is a little bit annoying.

    I would give this book an 95/100 or a low A+ (It is a steal at this price tbh)
    I earned so far:

    • deepak123

      could you help me i want to purchase this book still working method

      • Dary

        This method is working excellent. I’m using it for several months and my earnings are just bigger and bigger. I recommend to buy this asap.

  22. eyefice

    I just bought this, first time using an ebook method like this, let’s see how it goes.

  23. ScaryK

    I’m completely new to affiliate marketing too, have no experience with sites like Clickbank or anything. Will I still be able to earn with this? I use a Mac, will that cause any conflict?

    • Oho

      Yes you will, theres nothing to have experience with, this method is dead simple for anyone, and as I previously said, its better if you have no idea, I’ll teach you from the start. This is a PDF so it works perfectly on Mac.

  24. doodlepter

    Really excited for this one, making a purchase in a few days. πŸ™‚

  25. Kanamer

    I gave up on E-books for a bit, hopefully this doesn’t put me off forever. my last shot, just purchased.

  26. Kreca

    Mmmmm… I see this being a potential gold mine… i need this ebook

  27. ScanX

    Highly considering buying this, sent you a PM.

  28. Mikes4

    Just bought the method. I’m a complete newb to making money online so I’m hoping to get somewhere with this.

  29. autotroph

    Hello Oho…is the method still working?

  30. javierbra

    Hi. For the method, is it necessary to know how to write in English ??(I use Google Translate)
    Because I understand English, but I find it difficult to write. Thanks!

  31. stunkers

    Is this still working?

  32. stunkers

    Great, Can you give support via instagram.

  33. stunkers


  34. Andre314

    I’m interested to learn more about your methods but, I am more interested in reciving mentoring over just an e book. Would it be possible to work sonething out?

  35. Demendor

    Hello, would like to buy this. Is this still working well?

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