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265 Responses to “INSTAGRAM POCKET ROCKET 3 ($100 Daily) Unique/NEW Methods To Monetize Instagram”

  1. BuySellMethods

    This method has been tested by BuySellMethods Team and confirmed as working!

  2. Orli

    This looks good, I might actually buy this very soon.

  3. aries1

    Good luck with the sales, this is actually great for the price as it’s so cheap πŸ™‚

  4. willingabe

    Looks like a great product.
    Good luck with sales.

  5. hydrostatic

    Few questions,
    How many followers can I look at gaining per day?
    Will this work for a comedy niche account?


    • Rexam

      You can gain hundred to thousands per day and it will work for any niche.

      • Nomsa_Z

        How do I start working.

        • Rexam

          To start earning with my method you need to purchase and read the ebook first. After that some work is required. I provide support for any questions and help.

  6. Canoodle

    Looks like its very high quality and easy to use even for noobs

  7. nitric

    Just purchased it! will be excited to try it

  8. harshj1926

    just purchased it. can you provide your skype ID .

  9. Bob7

    Will it gain me thousands of targeted followers?

    • Rexam

      Yes, but not only followers.. you will earn from this guide.

  10. Ment

    Does this involve Follow 4 follow?

  11. 1000percent

    Ready to check this out hope its new information,check order op

  12. Rajus

    Just bought it.

    Will put it to work and post results soon.

  13. nitric

    This has to be one of the best Instagram methods that I’ve seen. I purchased it yesterday and already have great conversion… Big vouch from me.

    • Rexam

      Great job there… let me know if you need any help πŸ™‚

  14. Josh444

    Will this require much effort? I currently have a big page and barely have time to grow it anymore

  15. Rajus

    I was using Instagram to earn money before but I never made some good cash (only $12 last month). Two days ago I bought this giude and started using it immediately. I was so happy when I saw that I’ve made $37 in one day.. I recommend this ebook to everyone

    • Rexam

      Nice work. I’m so glad you listened my advice πŸ™‚

  16. frost

    I’ve already earned $70 first day and excepting to make more tomorrow.
    Rexam made the steps in his eBook so simplistic to follow that it is hard not to make money.
    Huge vouch for this product.

    • Rexam

      Great, keep it doing right and post screenshot proof when you get payment πŸ™‚

  17. Gooze

    this looks like the most legit ebook ive ever seen.
    might buy and get a few grand whilst i go sleep.

    • Rexam

      Haha thanks, I’d say that this IS the most legit eBook too. If anyone has any questions regarding the method or sales I’ll be online!

  18. Viking

    At first I thought this would be the same shitty methods that the people are selling on the web. When I was done reading the whole eBook, damn I was STUNNED! This is the first OMFG the first eBook that ever worked for me. The idea is simple and too straight. I do not understand why OP is selling it at so low price. This method is truly a $4K a month eBook.

    • Rexam

      You are doing great. The pice will rise soon. Thanks for your honest review πŸ™‚

  19. Silverz

    Are you here to help us if we need it ?

  20. Dan-Horray

    Upon reading this eBook, I immediately realized it was a gold mine. Not only the methods are 110% unique, it is easy to do. I personally never seen something like this before in any eBook and I can almost guarantee you that it will work.

    My proof that it indeed works….

  21. ashu

    May i know, Does this Involve any Black Hat ?

  22. ashu

    “just keep an open mind and follow this guide”

    Does this Involve in Any Adult Related ?

  23. Miska

    I would highly recommend this eBook, you can make quite a bit of cash with it easily. 10/10

    My earnings after 1st week, $551 πŸ™‚

  24. legendinh95

    Dear mentor,

    I just purchased your premium pack. How can I get your support ?

    What is your skype ID and email ?

  25. suiton

    Dear mentor,
    I just purchased your premium pack. How can I get your support ?
    What is your skype ID and email ?

  26. Harsh

    Profit can be easily made using this method, as the potential is very high and this Instagram eBook DEFINITELY has my vouch! Also, no hard work is required, at all! This is an extremely simple method. I’d highly recommend this to ANYONE who wants to make money.
    You will NOT regret buying this eBook, I can guarantee that! I’m using it for about 10 days and the results are amazing

  27. parky

    I have read through the guide and I have to say, out of all the money making guides I have read during my lifetime, I haven’t encountered this one at all. I’d recommend you right now to purchase this guide while it’s cheap (you should increase the price Rexam!). This guide is unique and definitely unsaturated so far. I can’t say what it contains. I made 800 euro in a short period πŸ™‚

  28. OBoy

    This method is very easy, but still very profitable, it has nothing to do with surveys or other satured things like that.

  29. Ohio999

    Vouch for this guy just bought it and it’s very informational

  30. jasmin.g.

    This method has a lot of potential, if you put the required amount of work you can pull off good amounts.
    As for the ebook, it’s very well written and everything is clear. You’ll get support from Rexams so no worries. I’ve earned so far:

  31. Rexam

    Great job there πŸ™‚

  32. underside

    hey after how much time will i get my results after i will start working

    • Rexam

      If you have an experience with Instagram, most likely very first day. If you never worked using Instagram, you will need a couple of days to setup everything corectly.

  33. underside

    is it related with any cpa affiliate networks or is it any other mate

    • Rexam

      You can use it with cpa or on some other way, it’s on you.

  34. Atropates

    I have several questions:

    Paypal is banned in my country? Is it required paypal to make it work?

    And second if we prefer investing, what would ROI be?

    How many hours should we put effort daily?

    Lastly, is it gonna saturate quickly, or does it work forever?


    • Rexam

      Paypal is not required. You don’t need to invest to earn with this method, but it could make work easier. More effort you put, more you will earn…. generally couple of hours daliy should be fine. This will never get saturated.

  35. MoneyB

    Vouch for this user and his ebook, bought it and it works flawlessly. Bought it 15 days ago, and must say the methods included (3 extra methods) are awesome, guaranteed reward as long as you put some effort in it.

    Payment Proof:

  36. underside

    hey can we use this method with non incentive offers

  37. maaaa2

    Hi how much to invest? also is this scalable?

    • Rexam

      Investment is optional. If you choose to invest, amount is small comparing with profit you will make. It is very scalable.

  38. Reverser

    The seller is a friendly nice guy that went the extra mile to make sure I understood the process. The method is simple, has decent long-term potential. Based on my experience, I honestly cannot see this one getting saturated. All in all this is a great way to make some easy extra chips.
    Payment proof

  39. Rexam


  40. ryandipranata

    This is follow unfollow method?

  41. dewdropbd

    How to buy this product?

    • Rexam

      Just click on purchase button and follow the instructions.

  42. nitrogen

    I made about $2400 so far, got my 3rd payment a few days ago. This is an extremely simple method, totally new for me. No hard work is required at all! Rexam provided pictures to help you understand what you’ll be doing. He even provides examples what you shouldn’t do, that was very helpful and increased my earnings numerous times. Overall great instagram method.

    MY earnings:

  43. FiverrGoldClub

    Does this work? I want to know that I a from India, Does this work for me?? Can you provide some proofs??

    • Rexam

      This method works perfectly. It works in India, actually it works worldwide. Send me a PM and I’ll show you proofs.

  44. mcredivens

    So I decided to give Instagram Pocket Rocket a purchase and through all this ebook non-sense this seriously is the only thing that has been giving me the solid pay I was looking for. Probably one of the greatest investments I’ve made in my life tbh and the thing is this stuff is easy to understand, the whole setup was straightforward and thoroughly explained. I can definitely now vouch for Instagram Pocket Rocket, for the price it’s honestly beyond worth it.
    Here’s my earnings guys

    • Rexam

      Thanks for you review… you did some nice job with your earnings πŸ™‚

  45. gjhabs

    Is this method for Instagram monetization or for what to sell on Instagram?

    What is the offer to sell on Instagram… can you tell us a little bit about it?

    • Rexam

      It is for Instagram monetization. Unique and unsaturable methods to earn with Instagram in 2017. For more informations contact me on Skype: rexamproducts

  46. frenchcore

    I purchased a few weeks back and is working out well for me. Overall I must say that I am extremely satisfied with Instagram Pocket Rocket. Rexam really knows what hes doing and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to make some actual profits. Another great plus is that this works anywhere as well. Earning thousands is definitely possible.

    One proof of my earnings

  47. KiskuRapaj

    m thrilling to see people’s earning,
    i don’t know whether it will work for me or not,
    1. I know nothing about CPA,
    2. I don’t have much follower on instagram (actually i don’t use it much, because you need pretty face to run Instagram πŸ˜‰
    3. I can’t invest much.
    4. I am newbie.

    • Rexam

      I will help you with everything you mentioned. Investment is optional. Contact me on Skype: rexamproducts or via PM.

  48. ryancodd

    So this involves OG. Do you need to have an account with thousands of followers or is this a paid ad method?


    • Rexam

      It’s not a paid ad method. Contact me for more informations.

  49. Testical

    Certanly a method to make good cash, it was an easy to use book and had some full suport of the guy.
    Even for people who dont have a brain its easy cash.

    My first money proof

  50. sphereix

    Well I am very picky when it comes to making money online especially if you are paying for the guide but Rexam seems to be very good at it. I was very surprised to see the originality used, everything is honestly explained so well. Plus the pictures will definitely help out too.
    You will NOT regret buying this eBook, I can guarantee that!

    Earning proof

  51. mousama

    I want to tell you guys, at this price this method is simply bargain.
    Do not hesitate to purchase this instantly.
    One of the best methods that bring a great stream of income.


  52. platanon

    Does this method work in February 2017?

  53. Caleb33

    This is how much money I’ve made so far from buying Instagram Pocket Rocket. This eBook is really unique meaning i never would have thought about it and it still works. and it’s really unheard of and won’t ever be saturated. I recommend this to anyone who has a little extra time to set this up online. It literally took one hour for me to set mine up. I made more than $1400 so far here is picture proof of my earnings

  54. rocky

    Probably the best method I’ve read so far. No risk, money you put in to purchase the guide, you can make back multiple times over. I don’t see this getting saturated either. Payment proof:

  55. gaby78

    What is your skype for the Mentoring ?

  56. MrcA91

    I just want to thank you for selling this guide. Simply amazing!

  57. Ohio999

    This method is legit and nothing compared with anything I saw on the web.
    HQ guide that WILL make you a ton of money in a short amount of time don’t hesitate buying! Check my latest payout and you will see what I’m talkng aobut πŸ™‚

  58. luminous

    Hi Rexam,

    Sent you a contact request on skype. I would like to have a word with you.

  59. ericlavar

    Is this still working?

  60. xorros

    This product is jam packed with valuable information. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for anyone in need of a solid foundation to build Internet Marketing Empire on.

    With VALUABLE CONTENT is well written and easy to read for anyone. It’s easy to see that the seller has really put in a good amount of effort in writing this to ensure your success.

    Adding that on top of the fact that the seller is known to have TOP CLASS SUPPORT when it comes to his products. Makes this porduct a MUST HAVE for anyone doing Internet Marketing in general.

    • Rexam

      Nice earnings you made. Thanks for sharing your review…

  61. eez77

    Rexam…please accept my skype request…

  62. schaapie00

    I’m really happy for purchasing this guide as it helped me alot to develop my business on Instagram. I made great results after only one week of using…

  63. ndeezy

    At first i thought i wasn’t going to make anything.. but it has actually made me good profit,
    also: the support is insane. very good, replies quick. knows what he’s doing

  64. GregJ87

    This is really a unique guide I have came across till now. It needs some work as author has described but you will be in safe hands. I’m rating this eBook an 10/10. Everything is straight forward. One thing that is nice about this method is that you can apply it from any country. My latest payout:

  65. asozial0

    A week ago, when I first received this copy, I started reading, was a bit lazy and went to sleep, the next day I started playing around trying and apply the method. I kept doing it for about an hour. The next day I was ready to make money, made little effort and stuff. Later on I started seeing some serious money rolling in so I made around $1700 in a week.


  66. vikininou

    I honestly want to say this is the only method I have been using, and earn around $800 after one week legit.

  67. Pears85

    I’m glad to say the methods are pretty HQ and I’ve made a good amount so far, I would recommend this ebook for people with little experience in making money, It really built the funds of my Pocket like the title says πŸ™‚

  68. baokhau

    1. Will we get instantly approved from CPA networks so that we can promote the CPA offers?
    2. Will your method work with the established or brand new Instagram account only?
    3. Do you instruct where to find the content to post?
    4. Do you have refund policy?

    • Rexam

      1. Yes, you should not worry about CPA network acceptance. Also, there are other ways for monetization using this guide, not only CPA.
      2. It could be used on established and on brand new Instagram account.
      3. Yes, I provide support regarding the content and for a lot more.
      4. Of course, contact me for the details.

  69. Wizard77

    Content is great, ease of use is great, price is reasonable, CUSTOMER SERVICE IS FANTASTIC. I recommend this as it highly changed my financial status πŸ™‚

  70. Marshe111

    This method does require some work initially, but once all set up it doesn’t require much work to maintain. I would say that the more time you put in, the more money you will make. However, with that being said, It’s still possible to make money without putting much effort in.

    Everything is thoroughly explained with pictures, so it’s a breeze to set up. Customer Service is good for explanations, ex : setup, ideas, how to improve, ect

    I recommend Premuim package.


    • Rexam

      Thanks for your review… you did some nice job with your earnings.

  71. webjohan

    All in all the quality of the method is great, but the customer service is even greater.

  72. redtek93

    Is it still working 22/05/2017 ?

  73. witslk

    i just purchase your method so please send me your skype id

  74. Aubreanna21

    I doubted this ebook at first but I soon started making income. It takes a little effort but overall really simple and easy to use. Just put a little effort into it and its a 10/10 ebook!

    Payment received

  75. vikininou

    I really had to post my review again here as I got two more payments since I started with this method. One word to describe this product: Perfect!

  76. paddyssss

    Huge vouch for Rexam, this is a very affordable purchase and is worth it. Thank you so much.

    Payment proof

  77. Rexam

    Great work πŸ™‚ Keep it up and up..

  78. GregJ87

    4th payout using this awesome method. Thank again!

  79. feedbackers1

    heloo bro this course still works on 2017 year??

  80. feedbackers1

    How much invesment after i bought this ebook?

  81. Didier

    Some time ago I purchased Instagram Pocket Rocket.
    I can say, this is something that is unique and you will not see on a lot of time.

    Thanks for creating this product.

  82. Rexam

    Thanks for your honest reviews people! Let me know if you need any help… Cheers! πŸ™‚

  83. manu

    1. WRITING:
    I really liked how the book was written. MY favorite part was before he even tought you the method it starts with motivation and mindset so you not only want to earn but you believe you will earn. This worked very well for me.

    2. CONTENT:
    There is so much content included in the premium package it’s crazy. You don’t need everything but he provides enough that anyone who chooses one area of the method has everything they will need. This stuff would cost a lot of money if bought on ur own so I was pretty impressed. The method itself was also very simple to understand I though (I dont have any past experience) and when I asked a question support answered me which was very nice. It took me a day to really get it all and setup but afterwards I was already making money so very happy with that!

    Like i said so much content it was awesome. This isn’t just spammed content everything is there for a purpose and if you don’t understand then just ask them and they will explain.

  84. Mohammad

    can i start earning on the very first day ?

  85. Dycache

    Posting this here to thank Rexam and to share my earnings so far
    I was able to get this setup same day, it’s very easy to follow.

    Some motivation to get your grind started:

  86. Thierry33

    I purchased this book and it took me that day + 1 more day to get everything setup properly. I want to start by thanking the support he offers because it was a ton of help! I used what he provided in the bonus package and followed all of his instructions.

    I’ve got my first payment today after 2 weeks of doing the method πŸ™‚

    PS. Update is awesome!

    • Rexam

      Thanks for your testimonials guys! You made nice earnings… Cheers πŸ™‚

  87. Biggle

    I used both versions of the method and I must say this is really something unique and very profitable.

    here are the earnings

  88. Elit63

    how much time i setup all and also tell me how much invest in this method..
    when i set all how much time i start my earning … 72 hours or week..

    • Rexam

      Setup is relatively easy… you will have no problems with that. Investment is minimal comparing with earnings. You will start earning the same day after purchase… eventually in a few days.

  89. xolarex

    Reply me on Skype
    Quick bro

  90. SharmanJ

    I would realy recommend this method. Version 2 is outstanding because you can make a bank literally overnight.

  91. feedbackers1

    heloo his method still works i??? how many investmnt to get started??

    • Rexam

      Yes it works great, it’s updated in July 2017. Investment is minimal comparing with earnings you will make. Contact me for more details.

  92. sepisepoi

    Hello Rexam…im newbie here. If im from Malaysia..can i buy your product and apply it here?

    • Rexam

      Yes. You can use and earn with this method from any country on the world.

  93. miasu

    Original, profitable, easy!


  94. Kesissl

    The author explained everything with enough details and images so that you’ll be able to retrace his steps and possibly have the same success he’s had. For the price shown, this is more than worth it and the author delivers as promised on the page… My payment proof

  95. Oberoric

    Great methods really. I used only updated (Version 2) of this method for now.

  96. staubfuss

    I’m really happy for purchasing the method. It helped me a lot to understand and use properly Instagram for marketing. Thanks Rexam.

  97. Officiallyalpha

    How much can i expect my following to grow?

  98. Toxionize

    The method is super easy, it is going to make you a lot of money.


  99. Ress EZ

    Hello Mr. Rexam,

    I’m very much interested in your method and I’m thinking to purchase the pack. But I do have a question. How much money do I have to spend/invest apart from the pack? I really need to know that because I can’t afford much. Thank you for your reply.

    • Rexam

      Investment is optional. If you choose to invest, it is minimal comparing with your earnings. Contact me for more details.

  100. Veegulo

    Add me back on skype


  101. cfaucher

    He offers free Skype support which is great. He seems to be comfortable with helping customers and will be ready to help you with anything you need. For the methods, and the simplicity of this, it’s worth it’s price. Though it requires some set up time, it is not hard, and in fact, can only take you minutes eventually… I’ve just got my payout so I can only highly recommend the method.

    • Rexam

      Thanks very much for your wonderful review! Keep it up with you earnings and let me know if you ever need some help πŸ™‚

  102. salindor

    Recommended! I used only Version 2.0

  103. alexpril

    The ebook is clear and concise with images to show every step of the way. The method itself is a good way to make money! I have never seen something similar. The seller provided great support.


  104. FargoPersonal

    Thank you very much! 5 stars method!

  105. ostylia

    I received my payment too… Just great πŸ™‚

  106. Rexam

    Congrats people!


    thank you so much for selling this method.

  108. Sivalai

    It’s method include any way to lie/to say half-truth to peoples? It’s 100% clean and honest? Sorry for all, I have principals.

    • Rexam

      No, no lies or anything illegal. It’s clean so no worries…

  109. Diane

    This is just what I needed. I was doing Instagram marketing before but never this way… Thank you Rexam for selling this and helping me to reach my goals πŸ™‚

  110. nickos

    This is a great buy for someone who is looking for a steady passive income based fully autopilot. Rexam is a great guy and provides HQ support for all his products, don’t hesitate to buy!!!

  111. holmar

    Just started using the new update a few days ago and i am beyond happy with it! The methods are so unique and detailed unlike other ebooks I purchase i actually made good money! Check my earnings with version 1

  112. gigi21

    Is this method still working in november 2017?
    Does it work for Brazil and for someone who had none experience with Marketing on Instagram?

    • Rexam

      Yes it works great in 2017. It works in Brazil and worldwide generally. Method itself is very newbie friendly, you don’t need any special skills, knowledge or IG marketing experience.

      • gigi21

        Thank you so much! Iβ€˜m going to purchase it then πŸ™‚

  113. Vestill

    Updated version is an absolute beast!

  114. Micke

    Danke, die beste methode!

    Profitieren 17.10.2017

  115. taulleyMurl

    Second version of this method is something the most easiest I ever did online but yet very profitable. This guy is a genius πŸ™‚

  116. Rexam

    Thanks! Congrats everyone on your earnings.

  117. Paradox842

    I haven’t seen this specific method before. The ebook is straight to the point. Get it!

  118. ImrQ

    I’m giving an overall rating of 10 of 10!


  119. BenBower

    The method is straight forward and simple to do.

  120. yahyaat

    i added you on skype please accept

  121. Soneegymn

    This method (2 methods in one) starts slow at the beginning but if you spend like 30-60 minutes on it everyday you will start to see a good amount of money you earn from this method.


  122. dinu

    Great method. The E-Book actually worked. The delivery was fast, instant. I had a couple of questions which he gracefully answered. 9.5/10 ! Will buy more from this guy in the future. ~THE EBOOK IS A MUST HAVE!~

  123. dreale

    If you feel like you’ve enough patience and time, and you’re looking to make nice amounts of profits, then I advise you to go ahead and buy this Ebook. I’m so happy I bought it as this method (version 2) helped me a lot to earn. Support is great really…

  124. sweshy

    With this ebook you’re 100% going to earn money. V2 is my favourite πŸ™‚ Payment:

  125. cishimmesse

    Great method really. I received what I earned on time…

  126. DegreeMoon

    Great seller with another great product.

  127. addiliend

    Took a bit more than 45min to setup, but it worked. Thanks.

  128. irco

    Best Instagram method you will ever read and use!

  129. parkbh

    The book is well organized and reads smoothly.
    If you are looking for a way to make extra cash as a side job, this is the book for you.
    The price is also worth it for what you get.

  130. Hello Mr Rexam. I intend to purchase the product but I first want to know a couple of things. How can we get in touch? Thanks

  131. josed2025

    Does January 2018 work?
    Is instagram needed with thousands of followers?

    • Rexam

      Yes it works excellent in January 2018. With version 1 you need some followers, with version 2 you don’t need followers.

  132. Palpandi

    Would recommend to all e-money earners interested in fresh and working methods.

  133. mrshoks

    This method is a private method so you won’t be disappointed.

    Some parts are on autopilot.You need to setup and then wait for the money to flood in.

  134. antoinesyma

    This E-Book has simple yet effective methods and information included is great. After you set up the methods, you should start seeing a gradual increase in income.

  135. jocasmo

    Add a few thoughtful things or self thinking and you could make more money then by the book standards. Overall great method!

  136. Ascom30

    Is this real?

  137. Lilite

    This is well thought out and structured. It is really good for profit from your own work.


  138. kontrastblick

    This E-Book will teach you step by step how to grow your Instagram business, how to expand to different platforms of communication, and in the end also how to make money off it.
    There is so much information in this E-Book i was honestly surprised.
    The steps are laid out nicely, and the E-Book is well organized overall.

  139. RomiJ

    Great guide folks! Works excellent in March 2018

  140. mistplulp

    Never seen methods before, they work perfectly fine!

  141. vinit16

    this method still working in april 2018 ??

    • Rexam

      Yes it is working. I’ve just released version 3 which is official update in April 2018.

  142. Celinek

    The best money making ebooks series ever

  143. kaas

    Very rare that I see stuff like this going around. High quality and the most importantly working method.

  144. lmartchef

    Methods – 5/5: These methods are very HQ never seen them before. Probably worth more than what he’s charging tbh.

    Time Consumption – 1/5: Takes nearly no time to really execute anything with these methods.

    Required Resources – 1/5: Didn’t take me anything but my PC to get earning

    Support – 5/5: Helped me every step of the way to make my first earnings and has been assisting for the past few weeks. Good support team.

    Return Time – 5/5: I was able to make my return in a miniscule amount of time.

  145. angoody

    These methods are good!
    After first glimpse I realized the potential, and I’ve earned ever since. Here’s a little preview of my earnings

  146. Xinyu

    it doesn’t require a great amount of work but it’s obvious you’ll increase your earnings by putting in a little more time.

  147. matheus

    I would like to say thanks for Rexam for selling this method.
    The method is really easy to setup and it takes no longer than 1 – 2 hours to do so.
    The support is A+, really nice and patience guy!
    He will help with everything until you are satisfied.
    If you are serious about making money online, don’t wait and go grab a copy…

  148. kesto

    So far it has been a great experience! The quality content found in this product is incredible! It is fully written with content preparing you for a large income if you have the willpower to use it properly…

  149. Iater

    All versions of this method work great but version 3 is outstanding! Get this people

  150. LeeL

    Good buy for me, good luck with more sales.

  151. El_Bog

    Was kinda surprised how simple it is yet how viable it is to earn with. You need to put in time for this to work but if you put in the energy you can make a pretty good amount. It’s very simple to do… I could teach a 2nd grader to do it but it works.

  152. charmquark

    I’ve bought the method and can confirm that this works 100%.

  153. troyrieben

    nice method

  154. rocket

    Is this earings are true ?

  155. rocket

    After purchasing this ebook , is any other investment ?

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