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71 Responses to “Mr MoneyBag’s MAGNETISM – $3000 Monthly – Unseen Methods”

  1. BuySellMethods

    This method has been tested by BuySellMethods Team and confirmed as working!

  2. impartial

    Hey, pm-ed you… Want to talk with you on skype 🙂

  3. ForsakenCaterpillar

    Im really looking forward to seeing ppls earnings with this as I am very interested in buying. I know u just dropped this ebook, so maybe within a few days ppl will start posting earnings.

  4. klik

    Looks very nice man this is 100% whitehat?

  5. h4rgnet

    Sick thread design
    good luck with sales.

  6. ivan

    How can I purchase this?


    Would love to see 1 or 2 more people who tested it successfully, before I buy

  8. GhostApocalypse

    This guy is high quality and knows what he is talking about.

  9. Ryan-D

    I have just messaged you about this – look forward to your response.

  10. djmitch

    How much can you earn on a daily basis with this guide?

    • Rexam

      You can earn hundreds of dollars per day with this guide and it won’t get saturated.

  11. GSmirnov

    Looks awesome so far! I will probs buy this later!

  12. jonhabbit

    Pmed you a few questions regarding the ebook, please respond

  13. kobec

    You offer very good prices. Others that would share this knowledge would charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars

    • Rexam

      Thanks i just want everybody to make money, this will never get saturated.

  14. Enchantra

    How long will it take to start making a 100 bucks a day?

  15. totox01

    Just purchased this… Will leave updates!

  16. Snifobiah

    Already starting to earn a bit. Bought it yesterday and tried method #1 today. Rexam guided me through all the steps I had to go through. The earnings develop over time, and I’m looking forward in trying more.

  17. stillmatic

    I purchased Hard pack. The methods were straight forward in depth and was really easy to understand I had it down in 10 minutes, this will require some little work daily but it will without a doubt pay off.

    Unique and I’ve never seen it before.

    I will post my earnings as soon as I get my payment.

    • Rexam

      Nice. I put a lot of time and effort into this!

    • stillmatic


      I’m using this method pack about a week, I’ve just got my first payment. I’m very happy, would recommend this guide to everyone…

      My Paypal proof

      • Rexam

        Thanks for your review and congrats on earnings 🙂

  18. SKIBOR

    Looks really interesting, will be PMing you about this soon.

  19. piki

    What kind of support will I get with the premium package?

    • Rexam

      You mean the Hard pack. You will get 24 hours premium support through Skype (rexamproducts) or email. You will get copy of the guide, 2 bonus methods, mentoring and lifetime updates.

  20. Hellblazer

    Nice method i just bought and already rolling in the cash

  21. Davesar

    I just purchased a copy of this eBook, and I must say, this is a very promising methods. I am looking forward to earning some cash!

  22. Atropates

    All methads have multiple payment processors?

  23. Rexam

    Yes, they have multiple payment processors.

  24. damon

    Rexam was very patient with me and helped me set up all 3 income streams and mentoring me with my existing knowledge. Overall the $49.99 for the ebook + mentoring was a complete bargain and was the best purchase I ever made.
    The methods are quite unique and the first method is sure to work and require very little brains/work to do…
    My first payment

    • Rexam

      Thanks for your honest review Damon. Congrats on earnings 🙂

  25. Digitech

    Guide is really very detailed even where it shouldn’t be. Also there are no problems with language/grammar. Layout is neat and easy on eyes. Lots of screenshots have been included wherever required. Takes 30 minutes first time to keep it running efficiently. I’m using it since released, earned $640….

  26. Enchantra

    Has this got something to do with cryptocurrency, Social media or gambling?

  27. hebi

    Here is my detailed review

    Ease of use **** 4/5
    These methods are quite easy but needs little work, but trust me its totally worth it !

    Originality ***** 5/5
    I have never seen methods before, it looks great!

    Grammar **** 4/5
    It has couple of grammar mistakes

    Total review: 13/15 .
    Its an awesome ebook pack ! I just recevied my first payment of $1374 after one week of using.

    Another thing I have to mention is the great support. Rexam really helps a lot and is available for any questions. Thumbs up for the service.

  28. pillpoppingurnor

    I have to say, it’s something really new which i haven’t seen . Unlike all the other ebooks Rexam is selling private methods as well. Ebook + bonus methods clearly stand out and have made me some nice earnings. I was already quite good making money online but now after reading this I’ve learnt and developed more skills and it’s evident that the ebook has paid off. With the combination of the skills he teaches + the method and private source I was rather surprised with the outcome, I’ve never made so much money online in my life.

    Glad I purchased it I can highly recommend it to anyone.

    Payment proof

  29. WL_

    I just received my first payment and I’m very happy 🙂 This eBook package has good wording and is easy to follow for even the most nooby users. I would personally rate this method a 9/10. I would really recommend buying Hard pack because you will get awesome bonus ebooks and mentoring from the seller. Overall you don’t need some big computer knowledge to start with the methods. Once everything is set up you will most likely earn all your money back very fast and much more.

    My first payment of $895 just arrived

  30. Tsayed

    is this methods related to adult or dating?
    also do you have any money-back guarantee?

    • Rexam

      No, it’s not related to adult or dating. I have money back guarantee…

  31. Gatsby

    Great to see so many happy customers with this!
    Before I push the button can you tell me if this has anything to do with mlm’s or Revshares or Youtube?

    Also do we need to get a ton of referrals to make a success of this?

    • Rexam

      It’s not related with mlm’s, revshares, youtube or referrals.

  32. Sibil

    Ebay related?

  33. YKNB

    will this work in a total newbie like there are no websites I handle, no other accounts and such?

    • Rexam

      This will work easily for newbies and pros. No website or accounts required.

  34. Bron1948

    Is this method support Payoneer to receive earning?

  35. vitamano

    I’ve never seen ebooks like this before. Everything is very good explained, with lot’s of pictures that’s explaining you how to do it. I would like to say this is one of the most detailed and well set out ebook i’ve read. Everything is straight forward. No investment required at all. One method is completely autopilot. It’s very easy, my 12 year old brother can make money with this. Get it before the price rise or sale ends! My paypal earnings:

  36. MoneyGrabbers


    Just sent you a PM.

    Please could you let me know when you get a chance to read it.

    Many thanks,


  37. efbe

    I must seriously admit that Rexam hit the hammer on the nail on what counts the most, the methods and how profitable they are. The methods within are definitely private and unsaturated. I managed to very easily set everything up and got right to earnings shortly after. I’ve currently made around $1500 and it hasn’t even been close to 10 days yet, that should really tell you something. Yesterday I got my first payout of $843, the rest of the money should arrive in a week or so…

  38. anomus

    How does this money guarantee work ? I’ve bought lot of this kind of methods and 5% of them worked.

    I would like to be sure before buying that if I don’t earn $10 in first 2 days then I will get refund, could you give me this guaranty ? If yes please explain me how does it work

    Thank you in advance.

    • Rexam

      Yes I give money back guarantee. I’ll explain you everything, just contact me via PM or on Skype: rexamproducts

  39. Horpey

    Hi rexam.. I just sent you a PM …. Plz Reply as soon as possible.

  40. ankit52101@

    sir you connect me on Skype I want to ask some questions pls give skype id mail me so I chat with u

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