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135 Responses to “MASSIVE Revenue Expansion – $200 Daily With Revolutionary 2017 Method”

  1. BuySellMethods

    This method has been tested by BuySellMethods Team and confirmed as working!

  2. Enoch

    Do I need any further investments after purchase?

    • Rexam

      There are absolutely NO investments required after purchase.

  3. kir309

    Deffinetly interested if I can make some money. Sent you a Skype request, hope you can reply to me.


    Does this have anything to do with email marketing?

  5. yedric

    This looks interesting. Sent you some questions on skype.

  6. Sveta_fals

    Do I need some bot to make this working?

  7. Fitzounet

    I’ve just bought it. I haven’t came across such a method till now. It has a big potential, it’s 100% unique method and it will work perfectly. No special skills required.

  8. marcopallo

    I plan to buy so I sent you Skype request with some questions.

  9. rott

    Great, I like fresh and unique methods… will purchase soon.

  10. zigzag

    I sent you a message Rexam, reply when you can…

  11. Leen

    Definitely original method. The content included in the Killer pack, all I can say is wow. Seriously. The author (Rexam) outlined numerous ways on how you can go about using this guide which was pretty nice. Personally, I’d never done this or anything like it before so I’m really excited to be learning AND doing something completely new to me. Outside of detailing the method itself the author also included a pretty good amount of useful knowledge based around the method and also a motivational section right at the beginning which I liked a lot because it got me in the right mindset to make money. So my result is:

    • ArslanFX786

      hi how r u @Leen whats up? i want ask you something real about this earning method its really 100% real giving earning ?

  12. jdschumann

    I am interested…Just wondering do I need to SELL anything or refer people to a website. I don’t like Affiliate Marketing or anything to do with marketing.

    • Rexam

      No. You don’t sell anything or referring people. It’s not affiliate marketing.

  13. francois7407

    There’s a ton of resources that comes with the Killer package. Some of it is more generic than other parts, but overall it is very informative if you want to put in the work and actually educate yourself. The ebook is organized well, the method is straight forward and step by step. It works 100%, you can see that by my earnings on the screenshot πŸ™‚

  14. epsilon

    I’m going to be straight with this, method is simple and can definitely make you earn $200 if done correctly. My recommendation!

    Payout proof:

    • Rexam

      Nice earnings… thank you for sharing your review about the method.

  15. Neurritte

    Purchased this method some time ago and when i opened the pdf, I was amazed how good and professional it looked inside.. for every step there are tons of pictures and next to each picture is a explanation.. very good.. Support is exellent.. Rexam instantly replies on skype and emails even if i have the stupidest question ever.. I also want to state that you don’t need any additional investment for this method. Only some work is required and that’s it.

  16. michok34

    Purchased the method…Im gonna setup everything right now, wanted to study everything first and get the best tips and advice i could get, im ready to take this method serious and will earn without doubts.

  17. fabk2

    Huge vouch! Bought method and made profit of it. Straightforward no bullshit.

  18. NoamFuture

    Hi there, I’m interested in this thing, I added you on skype

  19. RBrubaker

    I purchased this ebook and I can say that I’m really satisfied. His past ebooks were great, but this one is the best in my opinion.. It took me 1 day to set everything. After that money just rolled in my account. Work is required of course, but not that much as I expected. His Skype support is outstanding.

    Received my payment on time.

  20. LJ_Skinny

    Plain and simple. You certainly will not be disappointed if you purchase this product.

  21. Rexam

    Thanks for support guys. Let me know if you need some questions.

    Congrats on your earnings!

  22. flashman

    Super detailed, pretty much laid everything for you and now you just have to connect everything together and work. Customer support: 10/10. He’s active, very supportive all the time.

  23. Gaignon

    Excellent method, great mentor. I learned very useful things from this guide. I would suggest to get this ASAP! Yes some work is required but the benefit is extraordinary.

  24. Kitkat

    Does this have anything to do with FB?

  25. mahrouqi

    Hi Rexam,

    Sent a PM with some questions. Kindly check it out.


  26. bigot

    The ebook is very nicely written. Has lots of pictures to assist you with the method. Everything is very detailed but not extensively long to the point you don’t want to read. Teaches you how to make the money, which according to the method will profit you. Highly recommend for anyone looking to earn online for the relatively low cost of the ebook.

    Earnings so far:

  27. Maztuta

    I have just sent you a pm.Please guide me properly

  28. SugarKoated

    Can this method be done on an iPad?

  29. CimbFepe

    It is a quick read very straightforward and to the point. This does require some initial work to start out but you will see it making money. The seller is also willing to answer any questions that you have so thats always helpful.

    Week 1 earnings

  30. esrarengiz1984

    Δ± added on skype. Pls accept it

  31. sews45

    As long as you spend time in this everyday (nothing much more than 2 hours) you’ll earn an okay amount of money.

  32. midoalaa

    Does it work worldwide and does it related to bing cuase bing don’t accepet where i live

  33. jdrabik

    The cream of the crop is in the Killer edition, where he gives a very detailed and good explanation of the method in there.

    This method is what is going to make you the big bucks, and he pretty much explains every detail along the way of this method.

    This is revolved around a basic concept but he does give you the information you need to be successful in it and make a killing doing it!

    I recommend this method to people who are looking for a decent income and has the motivation to fulfill this πŸ™‚

    • Rexam

      Great job… Thanks for reviewing.

    • yahyaat

      how much time does it take to reach this result?
      how many hours every day?

      • jdrabik

        I reached this in 3 weeks working about 2-3 hours daily…

  34. andrekings

    You will make money with this easily. Investment is not necessary. This is something that cannot be saturated and it will work indefinitely. If you want to make money, this is worth it. Payment proof:

  35. azertyman

    I have bought the method a while ago. Seller has been nice and responsive before and after buying, answering many questions, and the method works good. Look at my earnings.

    • hk95

      How much time it takes to earn first income from this method ?

      • azertyman

        I made first money after 2 days and every day after that…

  36. Yaser

    Before i get the method i want to be full satisfy Rexam could u tell me how much money and time should i spent to get $200 per day please be honest with me because i really interest with your method ..Thank you bro

    • Rexam

      You don’t need money at all. As stated above, investment is not required with this method. You will work a few hours daily. For more information contact me on Skype: rexamproducts

  37. Ceaus

    Super easy and profitable. Resources provided are outstanding and can be used with other methods too.

  38. petokerole

    I hope to be over $4000 by the end of the month if everything goes well πŸ™‚

  39. Rexam

    Nice work guys… Thanks for reviewing.

  40. slavb18

    It is scalable, so essentially the more you work the more money you will make. It has a snowballing effect, where profits start off small and get bigger as you continue with it

    Payment Proof:

  41. sews45

    Just got another payment. Best thing about this method? It’s very easy.

  42. Willem

    Content: The content of this E-Book is honestly really well-rounded for an E-book. It is organized to perfection and gains you money right off the bat.
    Rate For Content:9.5/10

    Pricing: You will potentially make thousands of dollars with this E-book depending on how you can take advantage of it.
    Rate for Pricing: 9/10

    Time: It is not very hard at all and it is AutoPilot after setup. The method is easy to follow and shouldn’t take any more than an hour to setup it all.
    Rate for Time: 10/10

    Overall Score: 9.5/10

    My earnings proof:

    • Rexam

      Thanks for buying and reviewing the method. Keep up with your earnings…

  43. cutiepie

    Hi, is this method scalable and evergreen? I know many people who bought this method will do it right away and I’m afraid if this method gets saturated. Need your answer. Thanks!

    • Rexam

      The method is very scalable and unsaturable. No matter how many people use it, there is money for everyone. Let me know if you have more questions. My Skype: rexamproducts

  44. mydream2

    Hi, I want to buy, but need to ask if method is related to eBay?
    I am banned from eBay long time ago, reason why I asked.


  45. nicolas77

    I can say only good things about this method. Some work is required initially but profit is outstanding. I received two payments so far.

    • shawnalgery

      Hey Nicholas. Am really motivated about your earnings. Am about to purchase the product.

      After i purchase the product, can you teach me how you made such an amount?

      Please am out of Job and praying to earn some money with this method.

      • nicolas77

        Sorry but I can’t teach you. This method seller (Rexam) will help you for sure. He helped me everytime when I needed help.

  46. Yaser

    If many people using this many people use your method it makes some of saturated or not..

  47. kripers

    Great method really. Very unique! Guide is step by step, you don’t need any additional knowledge. Support is excellent. I earned $1754 working 1h daily πŸ™‚

  48. v_peter

    YESSS! I have no words…

  49. Yaser

    @v_peter nice man could u tell me how many days you worked to get this result and how much time you spent per day ? thank u

    • v_peter

      I needed 3 weeks to achieve this, I worked abut 2 hours daily.

  50. mase

    Original method definitely. Profitable and quite easy. Never asked for support but I guess it’s ok.


  51. Rexam

    Congrats everyone! If you need some help please let me know. My Skype: rexamproducts

  52. Othestada

    The method essentially earns you money. There is no initial investment either.

  53. nicolas_buonomo

    Never seen the method in my entire life, and I know for a fact it is not public whatsoever. It’s not saturate-able, but I am not expert on that. Amazing bang for the buck, and actually proved earnings into my own pocket, unlike other e-books. I am not telling anyone what to spend their money on, but I am happy so far! πŸ™‚

  54. Elite

    This method will make you money really quick and easy.

  55. Parrish04

    This is a nice monetizing ebook which comes with quite simple and very profitable method included. There are no disadvantages regarding this method.

  56. smailtouzani

    Hello sir , does this method still working on december ? im thinking to buy it ! another question what this method required ?

    • Rexam

      Yes it works great in december. You don’t need any skills or investment. Work is required and that’s it.

  57. furkan28tr

    the method still works?
    I am french, i speak french
    i use google translate to speak english, in your opinion i would have trouble to read the ebook ?
    Thank you

    • Rexam

      Yes it works. You will have no problems to understand or use the method.

  58. khalili

    Bought an ebook. Seller was really friendly and he answered me few questions without problem before I even bought his book. Method is simple, unsaturable and step by step.

    My payout screenshot:

  59. viapprump

    You can definitely make more than author did in just a couple of weeks if done correctly and efficiently. Other than that, ebook gets straight to the point on the actual method.
    Author a friendly, sociable person and he answered any questions or concerns I had.

  60. stefk

    This is really massive! THANKS!

  61. anamulhm

    does this method work still now?

  62. fursenkos

    The content of this E-Book is honestly really well-rounded for an E-book. It is organized to perfection and gains you money right off the bat.

  63. ekatebi

    Really good methode.
    easy to understand, really worth your money.
    you get all the resources to do it, with instructions.


  64. marissa94o

    I set up the methods for 30 minutes and it’s been almost all autopilot since then. Thank you so much for the amazing mentoring and great earnings program.

  65. arandaah

    If I had to give this ebook a general rating I would go with 10/10.

  66. Mixinjete


  67. ruuddb

    Would recommend this to anyone, professionals and beginners. It explains everything step-by-step but even professional online money makers will still learn and earn with this method!
    Seller answers any questions within a matter of seconds (actually in my case) and is really kind, even when you have dumb questions. Payment proof:

  68. Mafredo

    Can promote email submits cpa offers using this method?

  69. maz100

    It has my vouch. Payment received!

  70. Glireeamelo

    I sent seller some questions and he was very helpful and knew every answer. Very fast replies. Very good method. Overall Score: 9.5/10

  71. Clos80

    Does this have anything to do with social media?
    Do I need a website, blog or landing pages?
    Is this easy for a complete newbie with no prior experience?

    • Rexam

      No social media. You don’ t need to build a website, guide is very newbie friendly.

  72. kjbakke

    this helped me out so much.

  73. kesta

    Truly massive!

  74. ying030312

    1st payment πŸ™‚

  75. rloschmann

    It includes things that any business should have, but most don’t. I don’t really know what else to say other than it’s a great product and worth the $53.99 I spent on it

  76. shadowking

    Good method from the start. @Rexam offers FAST support

  77. tholiotougs

    The method isn’t too hard everybody should be able to do it all you need is a working brain.

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