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76 Responses to “Marketing LIVE! Spectralised – Smart Way to $100 Per Day”

  1. BuySellMethods

    This method has been tested by BuySellMethods Team and confirmed as working!

  2. Irrertise

    Does this include video marketing on any way?

    • Nick-VZLab

      No. This method doesn’t include video marketing at all.

  3. oryx

    A little question, is this related to Facebook or Instagram?

  4. ReagRhiLa

    Just bought your ebook and hit you up with a pm! Thanks mate!

  5. mike007

    Does this work in the United Kingdom ?

  6. shorero

    I bought this guide yesterday and already made some money, I will upload screenshots soon…

  7. shorero

    Some of my earnings:

    • Nick-VZLab

      Great job. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me on Skype: Nick-VZLab or drop me a PM.

  8. Bjornen

    This have to do with drop shipping ?

  9. Systema

    I have pmed you my friend with questions

  10. Vincent_S

    Wow… I’m simply amazed with this method. I’ve bought it 2 hours ago and already made $80
    I think I’ll have no problems to make at least $200 daily with this. It’s worth the price honestly.

    • Nick-VZLab

      Congrats Vincent! You’ll reach $200/day for sure if yout follow advices I gave you on Skype. Just keep it up 🙂

  11. nitipanc

    thinking of buying this 😀

  12. Xion345

    I’m going to be straight with this, method is simple and will make you earn over $100 daily if done correctly. This money will be instant. It’s legit and whitehat. YES you can make money with this e-book.


  13. leToff

    i just bought the elite version and sent you an email.

  14. abacus66

    Vouch for this user and his ebook, bought it and it works flawlessly. Bought it 3 days ago, and must say the method included is awesome, guaranteed reward as long as you put some work in it.

  15. s1218280270

    i bought the elite version and sent you an email.

  16. WillG

    EBook is quite in depth with pictures and explanations and easy to follow. If you do everything exactly like in the guide you will make money the same day…

    My proof:

  17. hk95

    is this method still working ?

  18. koral

    Only 2 days of using it and I already made $170. This method pays itself! 🙂

  19. Nick-VZLab

    Great job guys. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me on Skype: Nick-VZLab or drop me a PM.

  20. silveracy

    I recommend this method to everyone. It has lots of pictures and is pretty detailed. Check my earnings

  21. Barock

    Method is very well detailed and if you are not lazy you can earn a lot.

    Very original idea, straight to the point, never thought of this by myself.

    It’s easy, you don’t need any skills, you don’t need a website. It’s not blackhat.

    I’ve got what I invested not first day, FIRST FEW HOURS after purchase! Only pure profit only after that.

  22. mydream2

    Hi, Is method to do with eBay?
    I am banned from eBay.


  23. bibop

    I am astonished! The content of this E-Book amazes me. Everything explained in detail. Easy to understand and follow, clean layout, great headings, and the content is excellent. Did I mention that I made money unbelievably fast?!

  24. Jerrs

    I already made $120, only few hours after setup. Just great! 🙂


  25. michaelp

    I really don’t know why you sell this for $51.99 only. It’s worth at least $500…. but thanks anyway. I earn very good!

  26. Maztuta

    I sent you PM. I need your expert advice.Thanks

  27. moises

    The ebook itself is very detailed. It does have screenshots and does have a detailed description. It is a unique method. Investment (very small tough) is required to start making money. The method is semi-automated but it doesn’t require bots. Overall great ebook and great support. Check my earnings after 2 days.

  28. mgiammarco

    Easy to do method. You don’t need any knowledge or skills. I profited very first day.

    • yahyaat

      how much money do you invest to reach this?
      and how much time?

      • mgiammarco

        I invested about $15…working 1-2h daily. Great method really. Currently I make $100-150 a day only with this method.

  29. Daved

    Can i get my payments through Payoneer ?

  30. pcouas

    Ok I got my Elite package.
    Seller will help you with all questions (for Elite users / don’t know for normal book)
    In the book you will find all you need to do it.
    I started testing the method, 2 days passed… check my earnings

  31. Daved

    Should i have a website requirement or no ?

  32. Daved

    Nick-VZLab Are u guarantee when i will purchase your method, I’m gonna get a profit from the next day?

    • Nick-VZLab

      Yes. You will profit on first day or in a few days.

      • Daved

        Thank u so much Nick-VZLab I’m gonna purchase your method.

  33. BigoPoell

    This method seems to work very well. It will require a bit of time and it is a very good purchase if you want to work. I would recommend purchasing this because the potential of this method will never run out. If you can be creative enough with this method, you will be making a ton of money in no time.

    This method is very simple to follow. There are images and links provided for you. Each section of this method is described in vivid detail and there should be little to no follow up questions if you fully read it.

    Received payments so far

  34. jaiguru

    This ebook has so much potential. Seller is polite and I am sure that he can help anyone who needs help. I made money on first day. If you want to make some bucks, buy this ebook.

  35. chikwado

    how do i need to invest daily to earn 100$

    • Nick-VZLab

      You can invest with any payment method including Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer and many other.

  36. videni

    This e-book is definitely towards the high end of the scale. It’s extremely detailed. I don’t think you will have questions about the method after you read the e-book. I’m sure many of you are probably wondering if you will be able to start money making after reading this e-book, and the answer is yes.

  37. sv_lary

    Very easy to do. This guy is a genius 🙂

  38. adirx

    This is an extremely interesting method that i personally have not seen before, it can be reused multiple times and used on your own way. I’ve made 220 bucks literally overnight.

  39. adirx

  40. choohatek

    Noob-friendly ebook with a guaranteed succeed on earnings money. A bit of time and surely a little brain to follow the steps.

  41. Nick-VZLab

    Congrats on your earnings people. If you need any help contact me (Skype: Nick-VZLab)

  42. venlilo

    I’m very happy with this method, and support is great too.

    My earnings after 2 days

  43. smailtouzani

    Hello sir , i sent you a message on skype ! I have some questions before buying the method. Thanks

  44. reriad

    I bought this ebook and honestly it is a really well-detailed ebook and is really helpful and it’s definitely worth it for the price. I earned $225 after only 2 days…

  45. redsky

    Method is short and simple, easy to follow, doesn’t even require big effort. Can’t believe how good this method is. Literally within half an hour I got myself $75.

  46. Hems

    Tested this out and it works very well!
    thank you very much
    vouch for Nick!

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