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76 Responses to “INSTAGRAM FLASHCASH – Maximise Profit to 150k Yearly with Instagram”

  1. BuySellMethods

    This method has been tested by BuySellMethods Team and confirmed as working!

  2. mustafaelkhatib

    Do you need an investment?
    Do you need skills?
    Do profit from the first day

    • MrG

      No, you don’t need investment or skills. You can expect first earnings on day1 or day2. The method will be launched in the next few hours and after that available for purchase.

      • mustafaelkhatib

        Hi, I have some questions
        1 – Do you need followers of Instagram because I have no followers
        2 – Do you need experiences such as English language or skills in marketing
        3 – Does the way work forever or only days
        4 – just buy from you Can I profit directly in a day or not
        5 – Can I rely on this method as a function and build a family
        6 – Is there another investment after buying the method
        7 – The way you need to work every day and how many hours you need to work a day
        8 – I am a very simple person and do not understand anything about profit Can I profit in your way and do you work so far
        I hope to answer my questions and I will be there and thank you

        • MrG

          You don’t need: followers, experience, skills. It’s a lifetime method. Most people made first money in a day or two. You don’t need to invest. A few hours daily is just fine for a nice profit. The guide is very newbie friendly so it works for both experienced and non experienced money makers 🙂

  3. I Don’t have any followers on Instagram. Will it work for me?

  4. Is this about promoting CPA Offers?

  5. dirtymonk

    Okay, so I purchased a copy. I have read through it thoroughly and I must say that I have never seen an IG method like this before, and from innitially reading it, you could make a lot of money with this. The guide does include everything needed to get setup. I was surprised to find out the e-book itself was so well written. It’s very clean and easy to navigate and understand, looking forward to my first earnings. Will update you when I get there!

  6. rappel

    This is absolutely money making beast! Never came across to similar IG method till now, I’m so glad I purchased. I’m working with it for less than two days and I’ve already made money.. Support is great, MrG has been quick with replies, and answered any question I have had so far (I didn’t have many though).

  7. fmarin

    Received the one on one mentoring today, and I’m excited to get this started. This will definitely work.

  8. tozdemirel

    The method is so simple yet so effective to do. It’s actually never crossed my mind to do this and as long as you do the method you’re pretty much guranteed to earn. I like the first module he gave! Everything is so clear. I think the $54 asking point is too cheap i think eventually you should up the price because they can easily make the $54 back lol.

  9. nuaeman

    I just email you. Hope you can answer my question.

  10. Ralf61

    Great method, requires minimal work and it’s very profitable, I’ve made $500 in less than one day. Don’t hestitate to pick this up, you won’t regret it.

  11. jabiri

    I bought this method and I can tell you its worth it. The method is easy to understand with practically no effort to make money The support Mrg provides is impeccable.

    First payments:

  12. rofiqarfan

    is still working?

  13. Olivin

    The one thing that surprised me is the fact that this method is pretty unique and smart. I have never seen this method anywhere or any varation close to it. The concept is simple and does not require a lot of effort or speed.

    Big vouch for MrG and his goods!

  14. Simel

    It is definitely worth the money that I spent on this ebook. As for the content, I can’t see any reason why this wouldn’t be earning you constant income.


  15. MrG

    Congrats on earnings people…keep it up!

  16. Heng

    this method works. plain n simple. i was actually incredibly skeptical when i first read it over, but i saw some peoples earning proof here and that got me motivated. i then discovered it really is just as simple as the guide says. like, 1hr a day will turn you lots of money. all in all, i don’t regret my purchase at all. great method.

  17. dreamscreations

    Hello, how many days is it possible to get the sum of $ 2000?
    Is the method easy to set up, what should you do?

    • MrG

      You will make that amount in 10-15 days or maybe even faster. You don’t need to set up too much things. As already stated, most things are already settled when you purchase the method.

  18. dirtymonk

    Ok I figured I may as well update since I’ve been actually making money.

  19. thypuppet

    dude, I’m totally interested in this, drop my reply when you see this

    • MrG

      Great. You can ask me anything you want via Skype or email.

  20. ROSSI

    Only spending about 1 hour every day on this and I’m very very happy 🙂

  21. vinit16

    interested , how can i contact you ??

  22. rudi

    Alright, so I fully executed the method for the first time and I gotta say this method is dope.

  23. oxon

    As a matter of fact, I’ve made money yesterday with this method lliterally a few hours after purchase.

  24. jithin

    The method is easy to understand and definitely has earning potential. Seller provided all necessary resources . Looks good so far

    • Vjmurthy

      hi Jithin,

      how long did it take to earn above earnings.

      • jithin

        I made this in 3-4 days and I’m still earning with this method. It’s great.

  25. JayP

    Hi! I’m newbie to making money online can I really earn with this?

    Secondly, do I need to connect my Instagram to Facebook to earn?

    Honest response please.

    • MrG

      Method is very newbie friendly so yes, you can make money with no experience. You don’t need to connect Instagram with Facebook.

  26. Aminovski

    This method is breathtaking. I made a quick $430 in just a few days. Don’t miss up on this!

  27. Luckmarketing

    For the method to work do I have to invest in some extra tool? spend more money?

  28. szimod

    The method, as the seller stated, will work worldwide without any age restrictions. You can earn on PayPal or any other payout method. Seller describes the method in detail, so it’s impossible not to earn from this method.

    I’ve had a question regarding some things. I’ve received a response very quickly and seller has personally solved my problem.

    He provides multiple tips to increase your revenue from this method. It’s becomes autopilot after some time and should take only about 10 minutes a day.

    The method is definitely worth the money.

  29. agent14k

    How much can i earn a month with this method and how long before i start to see earnings?

    • MrG

      There are no limits on how much you can earn. You will see first money on your account first day or in a few days.

  30. thefilmakersteve

    Hey MrG, can I do this method just as successfully without a smart phone, or is it best to have one for good results?
    Also, after I purchase what’s the next step to get started quickly?

    Thank you 🙂

    • MrG

      You can do this method equally good with or without smartphone. After purchase you will read the guide and start working, results are usually fast.

  31. jbx112

    Easy and fast money with no further investments. Thankz

  32. modeliof2

    First of all, the method is whitehat and legit. Talking about the ebook structure, it’s well written and there are many pictures to make it easier. Method works great!

  33. Mehle

    I would recommend this E-book as it is a simple way to make some extra cash on the side. It does involve a little bit of work but non if it is hard if you know how to turn on your computer basically. The book is right to the point and there is no fillers or scamming or any of that stuff involved in this method.

  34. penza

    Vouch for this, here is my payment proof in the past few days

  35. Cole5

    High quality method. Used only module 2 so far. Results are great.

  36. mustafaelkhatib

    My friend wants to help you
      What packs did you buy for $ 44 or $54 packs?
    I hope to answer my question
    thank you

  37. mustafaelkhatib

    Do you need to follow up or contact one so get the money and how much time it takes to get the money and thank you so much for the reply and I hope to reply to this also

  38. Jamal

    I’ve sent you an email bro. I hope u don’t miss it. thanks in advance for your tremendous efforts

  39. patrice

    I’d like to start by saying this is one of the best money making eBooks I’ve ever seen, to say the least. This guide actually works, and can be highly scaled. It contains high quality information. It’s well written and organized, it has very few grammar mistakes and the design is pretty clean.

  40. Jish

    Perfect! This method will work as long as Instagram and that’s probably forever.

  41. illustrious

    It’s really great and refreshing to see something unique being sold on market.

  42. smoothassilk

    Hey guys im sure this question is typical and redundant, but does this really REALLY work? I have $125,000 dollars of student loans and genuinely need some help. Any feedback, positive or negative, would be appreciated a lot. Thanks y’all. 🙂

    • illustrious

      Yes it really works! I would recommend this method to everyone.

  43. mir6808

    Bought this ebook a few days ago. Everything is detailed and right to the point. Very easy to understand the methods even if you’re a non english speaker. I’ve decided to try out one of the methods and implement MrG’s ideas from the guide. A few days in and here are my earnings.

  44. zhy1378

    Big vouch here for the method, super easy way to make money, not difficult to do. Don’t hesitate to buy!

  45. Jish

    I still make money with this IG method, just to update…

  46. riokk

    So im gonna keep this review simple and basic, this method works.
    And it does very much have the potential for easily being scaled to 6k+ a month

  47. jce7135

    -> Great method
    -> Will never get saturated

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