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76 Responses to “FACEBOOK MONEY INFLUX – Start Making $100 Each Day via Revolutionary Method”

  1. BuySellMethods

    This method has been tested by BuySellMethods Team and confirmed as working!

  2. ovehjekler

    Looks like a decent method. Does this involve ebay?

  3. vilja

    Contacting you now Harp. Let’s work something out.

  4. Poul

    does method work worldwide?

  5. sapio

    I worked with Harp in his last method, HQ author.

  6. Gemeenagemn

    Hey, does this method involve e whoring?

  7. tobtherush

    Going to buy this later on.

  8. Fredog

    PMed you some questions. Kindly let me know as I am interested

  9. thomaswclark

    Received the guide, quick delivery

  10. Abe121

    Genius method! I’ve made first earnings on first day. After 2 days of working my earnings just grow 🙂

  11. jmmalmedy

    Do I need a lot of fb friends for this to work?

  12. Poiny

    Bought this method, then when I read the ebook, it felt like a relief because the method is simple and couldnt think of any reason why it wont work. So, after next 4 days I made nice money and that sum is just increasing every hour. I’ll just say, get this!

  13. Andre314

    Can this help me drive traffic to a website?

  14. davidp

    I have messaged you on Skype now

  15. pype

    The method is really easy to read, to do and anyone can do it! You will make this money back (and more) on your first day. Thanks Harp!

    • Clos80

      Hey pype congratulations on your earnings
      are you using cpa and did you have to invest to make those profits?

      • pype

        Thank you! I didn’t use CPA, I didn’t invest so far.

        • Clos80

          Is that PayPal your using to collect earnings?
          From your experience do you recommend this for a complete newbie?

          • pype

            No this is not Paypal but you can withdraw with Paypal. Yes this a great guide for newbies.

            • sunguru98

              How long did it take for you to achieve this level in earnings my brother ? and is it affliate marketing coz i suck at it lol

              • pype

                I’ve got profit on the same day after starting working and I’m still at this level. No I didn’t do affiliate marketing.

    • witslk


      I bought this method and i need some help so please send me your skype id

  16. Lee.jj

    In short, don’t be skeptical/nervous like me. Believe in the method! Indeed Harp is very genius, I use the book and this is 100% money making, I bought it few days ago, take a look on profits I make:

  17. tobtherush

    Just to update with my earnings

  18. yarel

    It is probably one of the easier ways to make money that you can find online. It gives you step by step instructions on how to make money, and even amazing resources in order to do it! The content is very well explained! Every step is explained with clean pictures that will help you to understand everything.

  19. dmoebius

    This is a 10 star method

  20. regli

    Do I need many fb accounts?

  21. mariem

    The method is very specific, easy to set up and is something I have never seen before. I will not talk about the specific type of method this ebook covers, but it focuses on some subjects with excellent detail and everything you need to succeed. The setup time for this method is very fast and you can start making money in the first day if you do things properly. Also, with all the extra information put into this ebook I think it’s there’s no way you cant make money from this.

    • kamalabdo

      Hi sir,
      How can i contact you bro ?

      • Harp

        You can contact me on Skype: HarpsLab , email: harp1559 at gmail or via contact form.

  22. Gramme

    For people that don’t have money for investment: no need to worry! This guide contains awesome method that allows you to easily (and I say easily) make a decent cash. It is minimal effort really.

  23. daskrise001

    Really glad with the results earned and support that Harp provided. Thanks a ton!

  24. relik

    Good creative step by step method.

  25. helmut201

    very profitable and scalable, support is fast. i will focus on this project even more

  26. onehit

    Hi Harp, can I use my existing FB account that’s 8 years old without any problems?

    • Harp

      Yes you can use your own FB account without any problems.

  27. dzman05

    the method still working or not????

  28. martinj

    How many hours do I have to put on a daily basis to make this work . Thanks.

  29. PeterC

    This is a really good method, actually, I was really pleasantly surprised. This method is easy, super straightforward & noob friendly. I have some suspicion that you could train a monkey to do it. I recommend it to everyone without a doubt.
    Additionally, author’s support is great and he’s super helpful. He offered to help out on Skype and was online all the time.

  30. joshblease

    This has to by far be the easiest money you will ever make i don’t know how to thank you enough.

  31. Cletty

    Thank you very much! Have already made thousands off of this method. Don’t want to give out too much info on how much i’ve earned but lets just say i’ve finally been able to quit my job for this 🙂

  32. panaru2002

    Is still available in Feb 2019 ?

    • Harp

      Yes it is available in feb 2019, it works very good indeed!

  33. Bernardi

    the e-book is very good, you can make your money back in the first hour.

  34. yukongreg

    Does this require a PayPal account to receive commissions/payments/payouts?

    • Harp

      Paypal is not a must. You can receive money using many other payment methods.

  35. Peist

    This is one of a kind guide with no risks or hard work involved.

  36. sojackson

    is this method still working right now or well?

  37. Marsz

    Definitely a great method that WILL MAKE YOU MONEY.

  38. Kim


  39. ReggieS

    Just found this today and am pumped at the great results others have been getting. My only the question is – we’re not mailing or selling stuff like ebay or amazon, correct? Also, this is not something that’s going to get saturated, right?

    • Harp

      No it’s not about mailing or selling. Method is unsaturable!

  40. nikunj

    well i join with premium member ship , after what i have to do any work ?
    i have to join other people referral income ? posting ? i have to sale anything ?

    pleas make it clear what should i have to do for earn ?
    how much i get money , i can withdraw money everyday? any withdrawal limitation amount ?

    • Harp

      Yes some work is required. You don’t have to do referral programs, postings or to sell anything. There are no limits on earnings and withdrawals. You can withdraw money once every week.

  41. spekka

    The method is very simple and very effective. I don’t know how to thank Harp enough. I went from making $0 online to making $4K in just one month.

  42. Shellie12

    I have to say the contents of this ebook definitly is something that everyone looking to make money online could use. I would say one of the best parts about this book is the information given inside of it.

  43. minote2

    Are the payments coming from customers or affiliate programs? Do we need to joing any specific affiliate program for the payments?

    • Harp

      They come from specific networks. You don’t need to use affiliate programs

  44. Jack Sparrow

    Is this method working in May 2019?

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