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66 Responses to “CPA GIANT – Keep it $100 Daily FIRST Week – Then EXPLODE!”

  1. BuySellMethods

    This method has been tested by BuySellMethods Team and confirmed as working!

  2. danielgomesb

    Does It envolve paying people to complete CPA offers and classified ads?

  3. Stin45

    Looks like a good new CPA method. I’ll give a try

  4. bobbyj

    I’ve bought this method a couple of days ago and have managed to pull in a decent amount of money, I made my money back very fast which is what kept me motivated to continue, the grammar on the method is very good and easy to understand. For this method all you need is literally a computer and a logic sense! This method can be done by anyone and anywhere in the world. Traffic is really targeted and conversions are easy to get. Check screenshot of the money I’ve made in last 3 days.

    • endrichoqy

      hi bobbyj,
      can you give more screenshot today? it’s awesome…

      • bobbyj

        Yes. Here’s one more, I raised my earnings slightly 🙂

    • brandsemporium

      I would like to purchase the system, but i have zero experience with cpa.
      Will it be too difficult for me you think?


      • bobbyj

        Well this is mostly automated so you don’t need experience if you ask me.

  5. koemer

    Nice really. Congrats…I’m getting this now.

  6. AndriiK

    Hello! Does it work worldwide?
    Do I need any Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Amazon accounts?

  7. Colin M.

    Hello. Yes it does work worldwide. You don’t need Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Amazon accounts.

  8. gentledave

    Hi Bobbyj

    I would like to ask, how much have you spent so far to get those earnings for now

  9. grizz

    I never did before this kind of a CPA marketing. I’m really happy that I stumbled upon this guide.

  10. procs31

    Totally unique guide! Very targeted traffic, you can do this with every niche you want. It is mostly autopilot like stated. I didn’t invest too much but I got phenomenal results. Support is really good.

    • mustafaelkhatib

      My friend would like to help me in answering questions and thank you for everything
      1- Do these profits from your direct link without a landing page or a landing page
      2- Any package you have chosen to buy
      3- Is the way depends on the promotion on the site settings or promotion by email
      I hope to reply because I am afraid of loss

      • procs31

        Hey friend this is not about email marketing. I used direct linking.

    • oussama

      do u use bing to promote the offers?
      if not, then what u use, please?

  11. waddie

    The setup is a one time thing done at the very start. Once the setup is completed and your earning, I would say there is around 15 minutes of work daily if you really want to reach 1-2k/weekly.

    If your looking to earn quick, I would suggest this method.

    Support is very friendly and walked me through the process of earning.

    For the price I paid I would definitely recommend this E book for anyone that has 15 mins per day of spare time.

  12. Listheu

    HQ guide

    • Etsion8632

      Hi listheu,

      what offer do you use to have these kind of earnings and on what platform cpalead, cpagrip ou clickbank??

  13. Jvsminejvde

    I can start this from my phone? Or will I have to do the initial setup from a computer.


    I am from Indonesia, I am very interested in your product, but I am a beginner in the CPA business, can I learn it ???
    but I know that in this CPA business there is a huge opportunity for … and I am very much living this business ..
    if I have difficulty running, can I be supported … ???

    • Colin M.

      Yes of course, you will learn everything you need to know. Yes, I provide full support and mentoring.

  15. Jorro

    This is one of a kind method really. Not too much of work required. Works on any CPA network without any problems… Mostly autopliot!


  16. Mark Done

    Hello. I would like to purchase this method. I have some doubts to be clear.

    01. is this method needs to comment on popular Social media networks.

    02. Does this method needs to contact any person to get target traffic. like influencers in instagram or youtube channel owners.

    03. English is not my mother language. SO i am not able to work fluent with it. Does this method need to have any need of having good command in English language.


    • Colin M.


      1. You don’t need to comment on social networks.
      2. No. You don’t need to contact people to get traffic.
      3. Basic English is just enough as you don’t need to talk with people.

  17. team_carry

    Does this still work? And is any CPA experience required?

    • Colin M.

      Yes it does work. You don’t need any CPA experience.

  18. senik

    easy money! thanks!

    • blackhatfan

      Senik,how much money have you spent to earn that $450?.

    • oussama

      do u use bing to promote the offers?
      if not, then what u use, please?

      • senik

        I can’t say what exactly I use but I can say it’s not related with bing.

  19. jinxslave007

    Does it require push or native advertising?

  20. apospoh

    I’ve personally never seen the method before. The method is great, it’s very simple.

    This is my first income online in 2019.. thnx

  21. Podster

    Does this require blog? Article marketing?

  22. ls83200

    He covers EVERYTHING, from planning everything, CPA network and offers you should use, niches, common mistakes and misconceptions. 10 stars method!

    • radjah31

      hi i have a question about the course what i must take to get the same result like you
      the basic or the premium

  23. WalidSp

    Is this still working as of May 2019?

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