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90 Responses to “Cash Machine X [ 30 MINUTES DAILY ] Earn $2000 A MONTH [ MENTORING Included ]”

  1. BuySellMethods

    This method has been tested by BuySellMethods Team and confirmed as working!

  2. Ron33

    So this is fully efficient and money making is guaranteed?

    • CorcoDan

      As long as you attempt the methods earnings are guaranteed.

      • mseanyoung

        just want to ask if this method is still working? I am so sick of BS products. I have wasted so much money and have never made a single dollar online. I really need to make money to buy gifts for my family at christmas. Please help me out. do you still offer mentoring with the purchase?

        Thank you so much

        Michael Young

        • CorcoDan

          It’s still working of course… I offer mentoring and full support 🙂

  3. Alcohsan

    Interesting, will look more into this. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Dary

    How much time would it take to earn back the costs?

    • CorcoDan

      Depends on the method , Overtime you could earn a huge amount

  5. eyefice

    This is interesting. I’m considering getting it at some point in the future.

  6. Baggy777

    You accept bitcoins? I may be interested

  7. ScaryK

    i just done purchasing it and cant wait to see the results

  8. Jollin10

    These are my earnings in a couple days with these methods. The guide is easy to read and replicate. Trying to double or triple my earnings next week..

  9. birdamic555


    I am interested in buying the ebook, however, I have some questions:

    1. Does it work worldwide?
    2. Is there any additional investment required?
    3. Is this method purely ebay work?
    4. How many hours of work per day will be required to earn about $100 per day?

    Thank you

    • CorcoDan

      1. Does it work worldwide?
      2. Is there any additional investment required?
      Most require no investment
      3. Is this method purely ebay work?
      4. How many hours of work per day will be required to earn about $100 per day? Depends on which method you decide to execute. Some don’t require much time while others require a little bit of time

  10. Gnomer

    This ebook will make you some nice amount of money.
    I earned 192 eur in 3 days 🙂

  11. Cepro1

    Hi! In your opinion, which of the two is the best option to choose especially if you’re inexperienced with making money online?

  12. Dictator

    First look looks good, the author put a lot of work in to this ebook and there are multiple methods that you can earn with. Some of the methods are a bit old but nowhere near saturated and he provides his own personal ways of making cash with them. I would definitely recommend picking up this package, it definitely has potential if you are willing to work. My payment results:

  13. Nate888

    Do i need any SE skills or anything ( Basically is this noob friendly? :D)

  14. Pycnio5

    I am going to buy this sooon as I possibly can. Work sucks up here in CA

  15. Woorm

    I want to buy this but will i make a profit in the first 24 hours??

    • CorcoDan

      It’s possible to earn in 24 hours depending on which method you decide to use.
      There’s mutliple methods to choose from

  16. brainy

    When i make my money i want it to be sent to my webmoney is that possible

  17. Pat4pers

    Bought this a couple weeks ago and it’s an excellent book, great tips.

  18. Clinisol

    Is this eBook Full AUTOPILOT online business?

    • CorcoDan

      No ebook out there is autopilot. Everything requires work. This doesn’t involve much work though.

  19. chaptermi

    Already starting to earn a bit.

  20. decenthasoo

    I also interested can you show earning proof through Skype or Team viewer.


  21. harvey6032

    Hi, does this require reselling this ebook? I have been a victim of this kind of thing before. Buying ebooks and in order to earn more reselling the ebook should be done.

    • CorcoDan

      Lol… no, you don’t need to resell this ebook to earn.

  22. javierbra

    Hi. For the method, is it necessary to know how to write in English ??(I use Google Translate)
    Because I understand English, but I find it difficult to write. Thanks!

    • CorcoDan

      You don’t need good English to earn with this method.

  23. zaconte

    Is still avaible?

  24. simokacm

    I just purchased you’re methode can i have youre skype.

  25. simokacm

    i’ve sent you a request

  26. stunkers

    Is this still working and do you offer support via skype?

  27. Andre314

    I’m very interested in your method but, I’m more interested in reciving mentoring over just an e book. Would it be possible to work sonething out?

  28. Cooler99

    I wonder if this ebook is updated for 2017? I mean all of these methods still work?

  29. kannan55

    Is this method still working? After purchasing is there any investment?

    • CorcoDan

      It’s working very good. Investment is not required.

  30. SAJXB


    Pm’d you, would be great if you could let me know your thoughts as soon as possible.

    Thank you

  31. Wooten

    I added you on skype, waiting for your acceptance.


  32. tjmc

    Pls is the method outlined in the book still valid as at April 2017, I would like to purchase ipt

  33. sabith Ahmed sharief

    I’m interest in this.but as I’m a beginner I’ve no idea like what work I’ve to do ?? Pls

  34. Angie21m

    Hi Corco Dan. I am very interested in this. I can easily put in two hours a day or more. Are you on facebook? I wish I can see a sample first. Is this an auto pilot program? Is this ebay or an referral programs where I have to refer people to get paid? I know how to make websites. Thanks so much.

    • CorcoDan

      Hi Angie. Yes, some parts are on autopilot. It’s not related to ebay or referral programs. You can reach me on Skype: CorcoDan or via PM (no FB sorry)

      • Angie21m

        Wow that was fast thanks. I am seriously consider buying this program. I just never used an auto pilot program before. I guess I can get the skype app.

  35. Angie21m

    I forgot to ask if there a fee I have to pay every month or is this a one time fee thanks.

  36. itturats

    working in july 2017?

  37. hudcher

    i need bitcoin to invest? working on august 2017?

    • CorcoDan

      No you don’t need a bitcoin… it works in August.

  38. bnbseller

    Please, Is this method still working ?

  39. nusrat

    Is this method till working?

  40. lishan

    is method still working, add also for mentoring what is your skype?

  41. infomillionaire

    Is this method still working worldwide?

  42. mustafaelkhatib

    Is this method still working worldwide?

  43. Caltexs

    Is it still working?

  44. StateOfInstinct

    Do you need a website or a landing page for this to work?

  45. ozzie

    Is this method working now in February 2019?

  46. simoal

    does it still work ? in march 2019

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