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30 Responses to “[JUST LAUNCHED] ACE AFFILIATE – Wake Up, Kick Ass, REPEAT to $200 Daily”

  1. BuySellMethods

    This method has been tested by BuySellMethods Team and confirmed as working!

  2. travayeur

    Check your Skype

  3. web44dmin

    Hello Rob, please accept my Skype, I want to talk before I buy

  4. venomo

    Do I need to run email campaigns with this method?

  5. lenk.s

    I bought this method 2 days ago. I must say this really works. Did a setup in 30 minutes, resources are really useful. I needed little help on the start, Rob was very fast and helped me immediately. I never seen before this type of method where you can use it with any niche and affiliate offer regardless your experience. You can even use this if you have your own product. Started with Clickbank but I will definitely expand this with other affiliate networks too.

    • mohamedelropy

      is this method guaranteed ?? is it easy ?? or need any skills ?

      • lenk.s

        Yes it is if you ask me. It’s easy even for newbies like me with no skills.

        • mohamedelropy

          Earn guaranteed ?
          And how much did you invest for these profits in screenshot??

  6. bleep

    Is this about google trends?

  7. Egaris88

    I’m very satisfied with Ace Affiliate so far. It’s very scalable and worth the money. E-book is concise and straightforward. If you follow steps from it right, earnings will be on your account fast.

  8. gotchy

    I have to admit, if you have to choose between this and any other affiliate marketing method – this one should be your choice! It’s very well explained with every little detail you need to know. Method itself is long lasting and perfect for people who need final and definitive solution for targeted traffic that is real and profitable.

  9. Gazix

    Accept me on Skype

  10. elhashash

    how many time to do this work ? >> and how many time to get results?

    • Rob

      Setup takes about 30-60 minutes. For first results you will need a couple of days.

  11. chapmein

    Thanks for selling Ace Affiliate.

    Proof this really works:

  12. yukongreg

    Hi Robert,

    I’m assuming this involves paid traffic? If so, what’s the minimum amount of money we would need to get started?


  13. rino

    I purchased this a couple of weeks ago. Perfect method! You can make a lot of money with this. It will work if do everything he says in the ebook. Making $100 a day is very doable, and actually very easy. I was actually surprised on how simple it was. Will take no longer than an hour to setup all.

  14. minote2

    Are the earnings based on one type of traffic? Will there be any restrictions to join the traffic network?

    • Rob

      No they are not. Also there are no any kind of a restrictions.

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