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  1. BuySellMethods

    This method has been tested by BuySellMethods Team and confirmed as working!

  2. Brood222

    Seems interesting, considering buying, you just need some reviews.

  3. pantekin

    So I’m assuming this is autopilot? How fast is setup?

    • mitziloch1

      Setup fast and easy for autopilot income. I would say you can set up these 4 systems in nearly 45 minutes.

  4. Grabssi

    I just PMd you about this bud

  5. certechare

    this looks like a legit ebook…
    might buy and get a few grand whilst i go sleep.

  6. AshB

    Is it autopilot? Aaaand sorry for the list but is it any of the following ewhoring, cpa, ppi, reselling social media, eBay, fiver, and t shirts?

    • mitziloch1

      It’s auto-pilot. None of the above mentioned is included in this ebook.

  7. AholicKrypto

    Well I bought it this is my first money making e book so I hope this works I’ve sent a pm

  8. mobilogen

    does it work from any part of the world?? or only if you are on us soil?

    • mitziloch1

      These methods all work worldwide. There are no restrictions to where you can earn and how much you want to make.

  9. chalke

    Vouch for this user and his ebook, bought it and it works flawlessly. Bought it 2 days ago, and must say the methods included (they are 2 + 2 extra methods) are awesome, guaranteed reward as long as you put some effort in it. I made ~$240 this week with the methods in this ebook. Overall id recommend to those who need to make a easy moderate income.

  10. Incommust

    Hi, I am thinking about buying this but would first like to know if I need to invest any of my own money to do the things in the eBook. If so, how much?

    • mitziloch1

      Investments are NOT required or needed for my method to work.

  11. Opsoment

    Hey, can you maybe PM and give me a brief description? Do I need any skills for that? Do I have to invest a lot of time? How long will it take until I get back the money that I paid?

  12. desalysty

    Bought a copy

  13. HempLuc55

    I am considering purchasing this eBook

  14. 010Nipis

    First look at the ebook, very quality and interesting methods.

  15. Lessismore

    Interesting, just a few questions though.
    Are you still using this method?
    How much are you earning now?
    How much do you have?

    • mitziloch1

      Are you still using this method?
      Yes these are the same exact methods I use for my income stream.

      How much are you earning now?
      On average I make $3,000 a week with these methods. But again I’ve set these methods up for a year so i’m steadily profiting much more than you will at first. At the beginning expect $500~ a week and increases every week.

      How much do you have?
      Kind of an irrelavent question if you ask me. Do you wan’t my Bank Account Balance?

  16. Kathe

    ok so i have used this method and it could work i personally cant be bothered but i like it so i think if you put about half an hour into this you could make some money.

  17. MatrixPlus

    I have no words…
    Almost 2000 USD with this method in only 6 days! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  18. Bracephin7

    Do you need a microphone or any requirements?
    And can anyone do this,no age requirements

    • mitziloch1

      There are no requirements besides an internet connection. No microphone is needed nor does it matter what age you are. Youngest customer of mine is 14 making ~$770 a week and just started on the second method.

  19. worket

    Disclaimer: I was NOT paid or asked to write this but I feel that I would show the immense appreciate I have for this ebook and mentoring program
    I own a website that already makes me $2k monthly but I was looking for more another way to make more money, I went ahead and purchased the ebook 2 weeks ago.
    Needless to say I was able (with an investment of $25) able to earn more than $6,000 with the methods alone….
    Mitz was very patient with me and helped me set up all 4 income streams and mentor me with my existing website. Overall the $25 for the ebook + mentoring was a complete steal and was the best purchase I ever made on here.
    P.S. the method i used to earn was method #3 and #4. πŸ˜‰
    Here is my Paypal balance at the moment:

    • mitziloch1

      That’s awesome. Just keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  20. Bago104

    Can I ask, is it click intensive? Do you have to sit there and be active or can you just be afk and come back to it every hour

    • mitziloch1

      No this isn’t click intensive. You set these up once and they keep generating you income. Only one of the three methods must you “check-back” now and again.

  21. Prinseum

    I think Ill gonna buy it, because in my country the avg salary is 300$, so yeah, i will be a millionaire lol jk. Also its a bit expensive, but do you really offer support?

  22. ring2cut

    So is there an age restriction cuz I’m 16 and really I just want to make some money before I go to college

    • ring2cut

      Purchased it, so I can tell you that you can do it if you can read and write, that simple.

  23. Basinnon

    Do you have any time to talk about the methods? I have a few questions

  24. lightu

    Am I making my own website or advertising or is it cpa

    • mitziloch1

      No website making, advertising, or CPA is involved in these methods.

  25. Fordworda

    Just started using the methods a few days ago and i am beyond happy with it! The methods are so unique and detailed unlike other ebooks I purchase i actually made good money!

  26. astaNaybor

    Huge vouch for this product…
    I already earned $60 today and excepting to make more tomorrow.
    Mitz made the steps in his eBook so simplistic to follow that it is hard not to make money.
    very good product and super good support, thanks mate would recommend it to everyone thinking of buying.

  27. FlashPrep

    Just bought your ebook! it works great….

  28. kane

    Goodluck with sales man! I would suggest it to everybody on here.
    My earnings

  29. Birdelle

    You have a message Mitz

  30. HempLuc55

    You say there is no investment in this ebook but will I get more profit if I invest?

  31. mitziloch1

    Yes there’s no investment needed. However if you choose to invest you can potentially see faster results with higher earnings.

  32. Piraa

    Bought Mitz’s ebook yesterday and talked a little via email to get things set up. I’m surprised that he actually genuinely seems like he cares about his customers, unlike previous ebooks i bought. I was a little doubtful at first but this morning i had the biggest smile on my face.
    $155 made in 1 day with his method, I made another $10 with the another method included which isn’t much but hey at least it means there’s something there to be made as well!

    • mitziloch1

      Thanks for honest rewiew Piraa and congrats on your earnings πŸ™‚

  33. Maverick91

    Are these methods still working in October?

  34. Alexi7

    Methods are great…The last update op sent to me on 28 september.

  35. carlsolis


    this method still work? i too would love to make a easy moderate income.

  36. buyseller

    I’ve just sent you a couple of questions by PM. Look forward to your response!

  37. net2money

    Your method uses autoresponder?

  38. Atropates

    I have some questions:

    1. Do the methods still work?

    2. My laptop is broken. Can I use your methods via mobile phone till a buy new laptop? I know it sounds funny but I need to ask. πŸ™‚

    • mitziloch1

      1. Yes, the methods still work.
      2. You can use my methods via phone till you get laptop, don’t worry…

  39. adam123

    Do you need a PayPal ? I am banned from PayPal . I can take bitcoin or direct to bank

  40. WHypnotic

    I have to say this is ANOTHER one of methods/tutorials from here that have helped me out greatly with making money online! I am FINALLY making money! πŸ˜€ I highly suggest everyone give this a go! For $20 – $30 and the potential to make $100’s a day?! Who WOULD’NT Take the chance!
    My earnings proof

  41. legendinh95

    Dear mitziloch1,

    After reading many reviews about your eBook method, I really want to purchase it.

    But because of having many scam before in make money online, so I have some questions that hope you can reply for me !

    1- I live in Vietnam, so does it have any difficult for me to do it well ? such as: payment, the strict register etc…

    2- How much money does I need to invest ? Does it require invest daily like Fb ads fee or one time ?

    3- What do I need to success with this method ? What skills it require such as: writing English, reading or etc ? Because of being an Vietnamese, I can’t writer so well :).

    4- Can you give me your skype ID that I can discuss with you before buying it ? I try to add the skype ID you provided in other comment but it’s not exist πŸ™‚

    Thank you so much, I’ll puchase right away after seeing your reply πŸ™‚

    • mitziloch1

      Hi there. Yes you can do it from Vietnam and with all payment methods. You don’t need to invest but you could for better results. Basic English is just enough to use my methods.
      My skype is: mikemitzxl

  42. Are there 3 or 4 methods?

  43. Sahil154

    Is this still working? Interested in purchasing!

  44. javierbra

    Hi. For the method, is it necessary to know how to write in English ??(I use Google Translate)
    Because I understand English, but I find it difficult to write. Thanks!

    • mitziloch1

      No, you don’t need any language skills for this.

  45. javierbra

    Is it a method that gets saturated if many people do it?
    This methods can last years working,?or months?

    • mitziloch1

      No, this can’t be saturated. You will use it for years…

  46. johnhjl

    Hi, I am interested in buying so I have just PM’d you my question

  47. Odebright

    Is this method still working?
    I will also like to know what the business is all about. Just a brief intro about the biz.

  48. javierbra

    okay. I will buy. I trust in the guarantee: ” methods are guaranteed to start earning money in as little as 12-36 hours or 100% of your money back”…

  49. Andre314

    I have two questions:
    1.) Is this method still working?
    2.) What’s the best way to contact you directly?

    • mitziloch1

      It is still working great. You can message me anytime…

  50. JinZX1

    This is a very original eBook and is exactly as stated in this thread. A baby could do this! Very noob-friendly.

  51. faruck

    Is it still working? can i make 30 doller per day without investment?

  52. KrisL

    I would like to try this but honestly I don’t have background on online marketing, I have never made a cent online but lately I have been looking and I just stumbled on this site, can this be done by someone like me? Do you offer support?

    • mitziloch1

      You don’t need any experience for this to work. It is very newbie friendly. I offer full support so no worries…

  53. Ivana.B.P.

    Does it work now in 2017? end of the year

  54. rgmedia

    still working? whats going on?

  55. vinit16

    in this method any other investment needed after purchasing your ebook .


  56. danielgomesb

    I’m considering buy this.. Does this method still works in december 2018?

  57. ArrowDynamics1

    Does this method still work as in February 2019?

  58. ra28

    Does this method still work?

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